The Grimsby and Louth Light Railway Order 1991

As to level crossings

6.—(1) Subject to the provisions of this Order, the Company may in the construction of the Company’s railway carry the same with a single line across and on the level of the roads described in column (1) of Schedule 2 to this Order at the locations specified in column (2) of that Schedule.

(2) The Company shall not at the said crossings obstruct or hinder traffic or persons passing along the said roads for longer than is reasonably necessary in taking any train, engine, carriage or truck across the said roads.

(3) Section 25 (Company to erect station or lodge at points where certain roads crossed on a level) of the East Lincolnshire Railway Act 1846(1) shall not apply to the Company’s railway or to the level crossings mentioned in Schedule 2 to this Order.