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The Social Security (Contributions)(Northern Ireland) Order 19911991 No. 2294 (N.I. 22)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Dangerous Dogs (Northern Ireland) Order 19911991 No. 2292 (N.I. 21)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Horses (Protective Headgear for Young Riders) (Northern Ireland) Order 19901990 No. 2294 (N.I. 16)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Central Manchester Healthcare National Health Service Trust (Transfer of Trust Property) Order 19991999 No. 2298UK Statutory Instruments
The Judicial Pensions (Qualifying Judicial Offices) (President of the Competition Commission Appeal Tribunals) Order 19991999 No. 2283UK Statutory Instruments
The Competition Act 1998 (Definition of Appropriate Person) Regulations 19991999 No. 2282UK Statutory Instruments
The Competition Act 1998 (Provisional Immunity from Penalties) Regulations 19991999 No. 2281UK Statutory Instruments
The M1 Motorway (Junction 15) Connecting Roads Scheme 19991999 No. 2280UK Statutory Instruments
The M1 Motorway (Junction 15) Detrunking Order 19991999 No. 2279UK Statutory Instruments
The South of Luton-Watford Gap-Dunchurch Special Road Scheme 1956 (Partial Revocation) Scheme 19991999 No. 2278UK Statutory Instruments
The Redundancy Payments (Continuity of Employment in Local Government, etc.) (Modification) Order 19991999 No. 2277UK Statutory Instruments
The Civil Aviation (Route Charges for Navigation Services) (Fourth Amendment) Regulations 19991999 No. 2276UK Statutory Instruments
The A63 Trunk Road (Selby Fork And Boot And Shoe Junctions) Order 19991999 No. 2275UK Statutory Instruments
The A1 Trunk Road (Spitalgap Lane to Trinity Farm) Order 19991999 No. 2274UK Statutory Instruments
The A1 Motorway (Ferrybridge To Hook Moor Section And Connecting Roads) Scheme 19991999 No. 2273UK Statutory Instruments
The A1 Trunk Road (Ferrybridge To Selby Fork Junction) (Detrunking) Order 19991999 No. 2272UK Statutory Instruments
The Education (Schedule 32 to the School Standards and Framework Act 1998) (England) (No. 2) Regulations 19991999 No. 2271UK Statutory Instruments
The Education (Student Support) (European Institutions) Regulations 19991999 No. 2270UK Statutory Instruments
The Further Education Funding Council for England (Supplementary Functions) Order 19991999 No. 2269UK Statutory Instruments
The Assured and Protected Tenancies (Lettings to Students) (Amendment) (No. 2) (England) Regulations 19991999 No. 2268UK Statutory Instruments

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