Explanatory Note

(This note is not part of the Regulations)

Under section 53(1) of the Local Government Finance Act 1988 the Secretary of State may, with a view to securing the central rating en bloc of certain hereditaments, by Regulations designate a person and prescribe in relation to him one or more descriptions of non-domestic hereditaments. Such Regulations may require that the central rating lists (which are by virtue of section 140 compiled separately for England and for Wales) shall show in relation to that person hereditaments of the prescribed description or descriptions, and contain such information about hereditaments shown in it as the Secretary of State may prescribe by Regulations under section 53(2) and (5). Supplementary provision may be made under section 143(1).

Regulation 2 of these Regulations designates the persons named in the Schedule, and prescribes the descriptions of hereditaments there shown against the names of those persons.

Regulation 3 requires the central rating list for England or Wales to show the names of the designated persons and the hereditaments falling within the descriptions contained in the Schedule which are situated in England or, as the case may be, Wales, and which are occupied (or, as the case may be, owned) by that person.

Regulation 4 requires the lists to show certain information, including information about the designated persons, the date from which a rateable value shown in the list had effect, and the total of rateable values shown in the list.The Schedule is divided as follows:

PartDesignated personsBrief description of hereditament
1The British Waterways BoardCanal and related hereditaments
2Electricity generators, distributors and suppliersHereditaments occupied for their functions
3British Gas plcHereditaments occupied for its functions
4The British Railways BoardLondon Underground LimitedDocklands Light Railway LimitedThe Tyne and Wear Passenger Transport ExecutiveRailway hereditaments
5British Telecommunications plcMercury Communications LimitedTelecommunications hereditaments
6Water suppliersWater supply hereditaments
7Named companiesLong distance pipe-lines