PART Iparticulars to be supplied in the case of an application for a certificate of inspection of the filed plan made otherwise than in documentary form

A.  State “Filed Plan Inspection Request”

B.  The title number

C.  Description of the property in the above title

D.  The plot number

E.  The date of approval of approved estate plan

F.  Full name(s) of the registered proprietor(s)

G.  The full name(s) of the applicant(s) if other than the registered proprietor(s)

H.  Confirmation that the applicant holds the duly signed written authority of the registered proprietor or his solicitor or licensed conveyancer to inspect the register against which the search is being made or that the applicant is the solicitor or licensed conveyancer for the registered proprietor

I.  Applicant’s name and address

J.  Applicant’s reference