Act of Sederunt (Amendment of Sheriff Court Ordinary Cause, and Summary Cause, Rules) 1988

18.—(1) The Appendix to the Ordinary Cause Rules shall be amended in accordance with the following sub-paragraphs.

(2) In forms CC, C1, H1 to H7, S, S1, V1, V2 and SDA7(1), for “14” wherever they occur substitute “21”.

(3) In form D(2) after the word “actions” insert the following words:—

  • in which a time to pay direction may be applied for set forth any form sent in accordance with rule 5 and in actions.

(4) There shall be inserted forms B3, B4, B5, B6, C2, HH and H8 as set out in Schedule 1 to this Act of Sederunt.


Forms C1 and S1 were inserted by S.I. 1984/255; form CC was inserted by S.I. 1984/921; and forms H1 to H7, V1, V2 and SDA7 were inserted by S.I. 1986/1230


Form D was amended by S.I. 1986/1230