The Town and Country Planning (Use Classes) Order 1987

  1. 1.Citation and commencement

  2. 2.Interpretation

  3. 3.Use Classes

  4. 4.Change of use of part of building or land

  5. 5.Revocation


      1. PART A

        1. Class A1. Shops

        2. Class A2. Financial and professional services

        3. Class A3. Food and drink

      2. PART B

        1. Class B1. Business

        2. Class B2. General industrial

        3. Class B3. Special Industrial Group A

        4. Class B4. Special Industrial Group B

        5. Class B5. Special Industrial Group C

        6. Class B6. Special Industrial Group D

        7. Class B7. Special Industrial Group E

        8. Class B8. Storage or distribution

      3. PART C

        1. Class C1. Hotels and hostels

        2. Class C2. Residential institutions

        3. Use as a hospital or nursing home.

        4. Use as a residential school, college or training centre.

        5. Class C3. Dwellinghouses

      4. PART D

        1. Class D1. Non-residential institutions

        2. Class D2. Assembly and leisure