The Insolvency Rules 1986

Application for leave

6.203.—(1) An application by the bankrupt for leave, under section 11 of the Company Directors Disqualification Act 1986, to act as director of, or to take part or be concerned in the promotion, formation or management of a company, shall be supported by an affidavit complying with this Rule.

(2) The affidavit must identify the company and specify—

(a)the nature of its business or intended business, and the place or places where that business is, or is to be, carried on,

(b)whether it is, or is to be, a private or a public company,

(c)the persons who are, or are to be, principally responsible for the conduct of its affairs (whether as directors, shadow directors, managers or otherwise),

(d)the manner and capacity in which the applicant proposes to take part or be concerned in the promotion or formation of the company or, as the case may be, its management, and

(e)the emoluments and other benefits to be obtained from the directorship.

(3) If the company is already in existence, the affidavit must specify the date of its incorporation and the amount of its nominal and issued share capital; and if not, it must specify the amount, or approximate amount, of its proposed commencing share capital, and the sources from which that capital is to be obtained.

(4) Where the bankrupt intends to take part or be concerned in the promotion or formation of a company, the affidavit must contain an undertaking by him that he will, within not less than 7 days of the company being incorporated, file in court a copy of its memorandum of association and certificate of incorporation under section 13 of the Companies Act.

(5) The court shall fix a venue for the hearing of the bankrupt's application, and give notice to him accordingly.