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    The Friendly Societies (Northern Ireland) Order 19851985 No. 453 (N.I. 4)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    The Appropriation (Northern Ireland) Order 19851985 No. 452 (N.I. 3)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Act of Sederunt (Valuation Appeal Rules Amendment) 19851985 No. 499 (S. 47)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Family Practitioner Committees (Consequential Modifications) Amendment Order 19851985 No. 497UK Statutory Instruments
    The Telecommunications Act 1984 (Government Shareholding) Order 19851985 No. 496UK Statutory Instruments
    The Remuneration of Teachers (Further Education) (Amendment) Order 19851985 No. 495UK Statutory Instruments
    The Pneumoconiosis, Byssinosis, and Miscellaneous Diseases Benefit (Amendment) Scheme 19851985 No. 491UK Statutory Instruments
    The Wireless Telegraphy (Broadcast Licence Charges and Exemption) (Amendment) Regulations 19851985 No. 490UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government Superannuation (Amendment) Regulations 19851985 No. 489UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building (Fourth Amendment) Regulations 19851985 No. 488UK Statutory Instruments
    The Sea Fishing (Enforcement of Community Control Measures) Order 19851985 No. 487UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (No. 18) Order 19851985 No. 484UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (No. 17) Order 19851985 No. 483UK Statutory Instruments
    The Industrial Training Levy (Plastics Processing) Order 19851985 No. 482UK Statutory Instruments
    The Lotteries (Variation of Monetary Limits) (Scotland) Order 19851985 No. 481 (S. 45)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Lotteries (Registration Authority Fees) (Scotland) Order 19851985 No. 480 (S. 44)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Distributors of Iron and Steel Products (ECSC Requirements) (Amendment No. 3) Regulations 19851985 No. 475UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (Revocation) (No.17) Order 19851985 No. 473UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (Revocation) (No. 16) Order 19851985 No. 472UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Safety Zones) (Revocation) (No.15) Order 19851985 No. 471UK Statutory Instruments

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