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    The Liverpool—Leeds—Hull Trunk Road (South Docks Road, Hull (Daltry Street Interchange and Slip Roads)) Order 19821982 No. 391UK Statutory Instruments
    The Southern Water Authority Order 19821982 No. 390UK Statutory Instruments
    Social Security Benefit (Persons Abroad) Amendment Regulations 19821982 No. 388UK Statutory Instruments
    The Grading of Horticultural Produce (Forms of Labels) Regulations 19821982 No. 387UK Statutory Instruments
    The Fertilisers and Feeding Stuffs (Amendment) Regulations 19821982 No. 386UK Statutory Instruments
    The Local Government Superannuation (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19821982 No. 385 (S. 50)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Boot and Shoe Repairing Wages Council (Great Britain) (Variation) Order 19821982 No. 384UK Statutory Instruments
    The District Probate Registries Order 19821982 No. 379 (L. 11)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Rules of the Supreme Court (Amendment) 19821982 No. 375 (L. 10)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Films (Renters' Licences) (Amendment) Regulations 19821982 No. 374UK Statutory Instruments
    The Films (Registration) (Amendment) Regulations 19821982 No. 373UK Statutory Instruments
    The Films (Exhibitors) (Amendment) Regulations 19821982 No. 372UK Statutory Instruments
    The Board of Inquiry (Air Force) (Amendment) Rules 19821982 No. 370UK Statutory Instruments
    The Rules of Procedure (Army) (Amendment) Rules 19821982 No. 369UK Statutory Instruments
    The Rules of Procedure (Air Force) (Amendment) Rules 19821982 No. 368UK Statutory Instruments
    The Standing Civilian Courts (Amendment) Order 19821982 No. 367UK Statutory Instruments
    The Board of Inquiry (Army) (Amendment) Rules 19821982 No. 366UK Statutory Instruments
    Courts-Martial and Standing Civilian Courts (Additional Powers on Trial of Civilians) (Amendment) Regulations 19821982 No. 365UK Statutory Instruments
    The Human Remains Removal Licence (Prescribed Fee) Order 19821982 No. 364UK Statutory Instruments
    The Representation of the People (Variation of Limits of Candidates' Election Expenses) Order 19821982 No. 363UK Statutory Instruments

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