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Industrial Assurance (Northern Ireland) Order 19791979 No. 1574 (N.I. 13)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Statutory Rules (Northern Ireland) Order 19791979 No. 1573 (N.I. 12)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Southern Rhodesia Constitution (Interim Provisions) Order 19791979 No. 1571UK Statutory Instruments
The Labelling of Food (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 1570UK Statutory Instruments
The Social Security (Industrial Injuries) (Prescribed Diseases) Amendment (No. 5) Regulations 19791979 No. 1569UK Statutory Instruments
The Welfare Food (Amendment) Order 19791979 No. 1568UK Statutory Instruments
The Milk and Dairies (General) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 1567UK Statutory Instruments
The Local Government (Allowances) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 1565UK Statutory Instruments
The Food (Meat Inspection) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19791979 No. 1563 (S. 130)UK Statutory Instruments
The Local Authorities (Allowances) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19791979 No. 1562 (S. 129)UK Statutory Instruments
The Magistrates' Courts (Recovery Abroad of Maintenance) (Amendment) Rules 19791979 No. 1561 (L. 22)UK Statutory Instruments
The Farm and Horticulture Development (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 1559UK Statutory Instruments
The Industrial and Provident Societies (Amendment of Fees) Regulations 19791979 No. 1558UK Statutory Instruments
The Superannuation and other Trust Funds (Fees) Regulations 19791979 No. 1557UK Statutory Instruments
Industrial and Provident Societies (Credit Unions) (Amendment of Fees) Regulations 19791979 No. 1556UK Statutory Instruments
The Friendly Societies (Fees) Regulations 19791979 No. 1555UK Statutory Instruments
The Value Added Tax (International Services) (No. 2) Order 19791979 No. 1554UK Statutory Instruments
The Health and Safety (Fees for Medical Examinations) Regulations 19791979 No. 1553UK Statutory Instruments
The Direct Grant Grammar Schools (Cessation of Grant) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 1552UK Statutory Instruments
The Customs Duty (Personal Reliefs) (No. 1) Order 1968 (Amendment) Order 19791979 No. 1551UK Statutory Instruments

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