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    Financial Provisions (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1041 (N.I. 11)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Health and Safety at Work (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1039 (N.I. 9)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Matrimonial Causes (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1045 (N.I. 15)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Payments for Debt (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1046 (N.I. 16)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Planning (Amendment) (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1048 (N.I. 18)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Pollution Control and Local Government (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1049 (N.I. 19)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Protection of Children (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1047 (N.I. 17)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Rent (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1050 (N.I. 20)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    The Army, Air Force and Naval Discipline Acts (Continuation) Order 19781978 No. 1023UK Statutory Instruments
    The British Protectorates, Protected States and Protected Persons Order 19781978 No. 1026UK Statutory Instruments
    The Building Regulations (Northern Ireland) Order 19781978 No. 1038 (N.I. 8)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    The Carriage by Air (Parties to Convention) (Supplementary) Order 19781978 No. 1058UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cinematograph Films (Collection of Levy) (Amendment No. 6) Regulations 19781978 No. 1092UK Statutory Instruments
    The Collision Regulations and Distress Signals (Amendment No. 2) Order 19781978 No. 1059UK Statutory Instruments
    The Commonwealth of Dominica Constitution Order 19781978 No. 1027UK Statutory Instruments
    The Consular Relations (Privileges and Immunities) (Polish People's Republic) Order 19781978 No. 1028UK Statutory Instruments
    The Continental Shelf (Designation of Additional Areas) (No. 2) Order 19781978 No. 1029UK Statutory Instruments
    The Continental Shelf (Jurisdiction) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 19781978 No. 1024UK Statutory Instruments
    The Contracting-out and Preservation (Further Provisions) Regulations 19781978 No. 1089UK Statutory Instruments
    The Copyright (International Conventions) (Amendment) Order 19781978 No. 1060UK Statutory Instruments

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