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    Criminal Damage (Northern Ireland) Order 19771977 No. 426 (N.I. 4)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    The Prevention of Terrorism (Temporary Provisions) Act 1976 (Continuance) Order 19771977 No. 499UK Statutory Instruments
    The Fishing Vessels (Safety Provisions) (Amendment No. 2) Rules 19771977 No. 498UK Statutory Instruments
    The Oil Pollution (Compulsory Insurance) (Amendment) Regulations 19771977 No. 497UK Statutory Instruments
    The Wild Birds (Various Species) Order 19771977 No. 496UK Statutory Instruments
    The Offshore Installations (Life-saving Appliances) Regulations 19771977 No. 486UK Statutory Instruments
    The Asian Development Bank (Extension of Limit on Guarantees) Order 19771977 No. 485UK Statutory Instruments
    The Savings Banks (Registrar's Fees) (Amendment) Warrant 19771977 No. 482UK Statutory Instruments
    The Transport Boards (Distribution of Payments for Rating Authorities) Order 19771977 No. 481UK Statutory Instruments
    The Town and Country Planning (Determination of appeals by appointed persons) (Prescribed Classes) (Amendment) Regulations 19771977 No. 477UK Statutory Instruments
    The Control of Pollution Act 1974 (Commencement No. 9) Order 19771977 No. 476 (C. 17)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Cromarty Firth Port Authority Order 1973 (Commencement No. 3) Order 19771977 No. 474UK Statutory Instruments
    The Approved Schools (Contributions by Local Authorities) Regulations 19771977 No. 473UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Sederunt (Rules of Court Amendment No. 2) (Adoption Proceedings) 19771977 No. 472 (S. 45)UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Health Service (Charges and Remission) (Scotland) Amendment Regulations 19771977 No. 471 (S. 44)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Town and Country Planning Act 1971 (Commencement No. 36) (South Hampshire) Order 19771977 No. 470 (C. 16)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Town and Country Planning (Repeal of Provisions No. 8) (South Hampshire) Order 19771977 No. 469UK Statutory Instruments
    The Prevention of Terrorism (Supplemental Temporary Provisions) (Northern Ireland) (Amendment) Order 19771977 No. 455UK Statutory Instruments
    The Rate Product (Amendment) Rules 19771977 No. 454UK Statutory Instruments
    The Calf Subsidies (United Kingdom) Scheme 19771977 No. 453UK Statutory Instruments

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