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    The Community Land (Appropriate Minister) Order 19761976 No. 199UK Statutory Instruments
    The Community Land (Appropriate Minister for the National Coal Board) Order 19761976 No. 198UK Statutory Instruments
    The Borough of Ellesmere Port (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19761976 No. 197UK Statutory Instruments
    The District of North Shropshire (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19761976 No. 196UK Statutory Instruments
    The Authorised Unit Trust Schemes Regulations 19761976 No. 195UK Statutory Instruments
    The Import Duties (Temporary Reductions and Exemptions) (No. 4) Order 19761976 No. 194UK Statutory Instruments
    The Consumer Credit Licensing (Representations) Order 19761976 No. 191UK Statutory Instruments
    The Importation of Captive Birds Order 19761976 No. 189UK Statutory Instruments
    The Occupational Pensions Board (Determinations and Review Procedure) Regulations 19761976 No. 185UK Statutory Instruments
    Court of Session (Scotland) (Fees) Order 19761976 No. 184UK Statutory Instruments
    The Registration of Restrictive Trading Agreements Regulations 19761976 No. 183UK Statutory Instruments
    The District of Tynedale (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19761976 No. 182UK Statutory Instruments
    The District of Cannock Chase (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19761976 No. 181UK Statutory Instruments
    The District of Ashfield (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19761976 No. 180UK Statutory Instruments
    The Valuation (Post Office Telecommunication Services) (Scotland) Amendment Order 19761976 No. 177 (S. 12)UK Statutory Instruments
    The District of Staffordshire Moorlands (Electoral Arrangements) Order 19761976 No. 174UK Statutory Instruments
    The Import Duties (Temporary Reductions and Exemptions) (No. 3) Order 19761976 No. 173UK Statutory Instruments
    Act of Adjournal (Form of Oaths) 19761976 No. 172 (S. 11)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Remuneration of Teachers (Burnham Further Education Committee) Order 19761976 No. 169UK Statutory Instruments
    The Industrial Training Levy (Paper and Paper Products) Order 19761976 No. 163UK Statutory Instruments

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