The Health and Safety Inquiries (Procedure) Regulations 1975

Notification of inquiry

4.—(1) A date, time and place for the holding of the inquiry shall be fixed and may be varied by the Commission, who shall give not less than 28 days' notice in writing of such date, time and place to every person entitled to appear at the inquiry whose name and address are known to the Commission:

Provided that—

(i)with the consent of all such persons, the Commission may give such lesser period of notice as shall be agreed with those persons; and

(ii)where it becomes necessary or advisable to vary the time or place fixed for the inquiry, the Commission shall give such notice of the variation as may appear to it to be reasonable in the circumstances.

(2) The notice given under paragraph (1) of this Regulation shall state the name of the appointed person and the names of any assessors appointed to assist him in the inquiry.

(3) Without prejudice to the foregoing provisions of this Regulation the Commission shall also for the purpose of notifying persons who may be concerned of the holding of the inquiry, take one or more of the following steps, namely—

(a)publish notice of the inquiry in one or more newspapers, including, where appropriate, newspapers circulating in the locality in which the subject matter of the inquiry arose; and

(b)give such other notice of the inquiry as appears to the Commission to be appropriate,

and the requirements as to the period of notice contained in paragraph (1) of this Regulation shall not apply to any such notices.