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    Act of Sederunt (Amendment of Fees in the Department of the Registers of Scotland) 19751975 No. 1009 (S. 168)UK Statutory Instruments
    Agriculture (Miscellaneous Provisions) (Northern Ireland) Order 19751975 No. 1038 (N.I. 8)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Defective Premises (Northern Ireland) Order 19751975 No. 1039 (N.I. 9)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
    Festiniog Railway (Light Railway) (Amendment) Order 19751975 No. 1014UK Statutory Instruments
    The Animals (Restriction of Importation) Order 19751975 No. 1008UK Statutory Instruments
    The Anti-Dumping Duty (Temporary Suspension) (No. 4) Order 19751975 No. 1025UK Statutory Instruments
    The Belgium (Extradition) (Amendment) Order 19751975 No. 1034UK Statutory Instruments
    The Carriage by Railway (Parties to Convention) (Amendment) Order 19751975 No. 1035UK Statutory Instruments
    The Central Institutions (Recognition) (Scotland) Regulations 19751975 No. 1098 (S. 172)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Civil Aviation (Air Travel Organisers' Licensing) (Second Amendment) Regulations 19751975 No. 1049UK Statutory Instruments
    The Colleges of Education (Compensation) Regulations 19751975 No. 1092UK Statutory Instruments
    The Coroners (Fees and Allowances) Rules 19751975 No. 1090UK Statutory Instruments
    The Costs in Criminal Cases (Allowances) Regulations 19751975 No. 1026UK Statutory Instruments
    The Counter-Inflation (Dividends) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 19751975 No. 1081UK Statutory Instruments
    The Countryside (Scotland) Regulations 19751975 No. 1032 (S. 169)UK Statutory Instruments
    The Customs Duties (Quota Relief) (No. 2) Order 19751975 No. 1063UK Statutory Instruments
    The Customs Duties and Drawbacks (Revenue Duties) (African, Caribbean and Pacific States) Order 19751975 No. 1062UK Statutory Instruments
    The Customs Duties and Drawbacks (Revenue Duties) (Israel) Order 19751975 No. 1004UK Statutory Instruments
    The Diseases of Animals (Approved Disinfectants) (Amendment) (No. 2) Order 19751975 No. 1051UK Statutory Instruments
    The Divorce County Courts (Amendment) Order 19751975 No. 1002 (L. 11)UK Statutory Instruments

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