Statutory Instruments

1970 No. 385 (C.9)


The Transport Act 1968 (Commencement No. 7) Order 1970


11th March 1970

The Minister of Transport hereby makes this Order in exercise of his powers under section 166 of the Transport Act 1968 and of all other enabling powers:—

1.  This Order may be cited as the Transport Act 1968 (Commencement No.7) Order 1970.

2.  Subsections (1) to (9) and (11) of section 96 (in so far as they relate to passenger vehicles) and section 165 (in so far as it relates to the provisions of Part III of Schedule 18 which refer to sections 73 (as respects passenger vehicles) and 250(3) of the Road Traffic Act 1960 and to Schedule 4 to the Road Traffic Act 1962) of the Transport Act 1968 shall come into force on the 15th March 1970.

Sealed with the Official Seal of the Minister of Transport the 11th March 1970.


T. L. Beagley

An Under Secretary of the Ministry of Transport


This Order brings into operation on the 15th March 1970 section 96(1) to (9) and (11) of the Transport Act 1968 (which relates to permitted driving times and periods of duty of drivers of passenger vehicles) and certain related repeals of provisions in the Road Traffic Acts of 1960 and 1962.