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The Police (Northern Ireland) Order 19771977 No. 53 (N.I. 2)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Noxious Weeds (Northern Ireland) Order 19771977 No. 52 (N.I. 1)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Insurance Companies (Northern Ireland) Order 19761976 No. 59 (N.I. 3)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Unsolicited Goods and Services (Northern Ireland) Order 19761976 No. 57 (N.I. 1)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Water and Sewerage Services (Northern Ireland) Order 1973 (REPEALED)1973 No. 70 (N.I. 2)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
Drainage (Northern Ireland) Order 19731973 No. 69 (N.I. 1)Northern Ireland Orders in Council
The Wild Birds (Special Protection in Severe Weather) (Scotland) Order 19791979 No. 99 (S. 10)UK Statutory Instruments
The Merchant Shipping (Repatriation) Regulations 19791979 No. 97UK Statutory Instruments
The Liverpool—Leeds Trunk Road (Micklethorn to Broughton Bridge Access Road Improvement) Order 19791979 No. 96UK Statutory Instruments
Act of Adjournal (Criminal Legal Aid Fees Amendment) 19791979 No. 95 (S. 8)UK Statutory Instruments
The Pensions Appeal Tribunals (Scotland) (Amendment) Rules 19791979 No. 94 (S. 7)UK Statutory Instruments
The Firearms (Variation of Fees) (Scotland) Order 19791979 No. 91 (S. 4)UK Statutory Instruments
The Firearms (Variation of Fees) Order 19791979 No. 86UK Statutory Instruments
The Road Traffic Act 1974 (Commencement No. 1) (Scotland) Order 19791979 No. 85 (C. 2) (S. 3)UK Statutory Instruments
The Measuring Instruments (EEC Requirements) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 80UK Statutory Instruments
The Special Constables (Pensions) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 76UK Statutory Instruments
The Police Cadets (Pensions) (Amendment) Regulations 19791979 No. 75UK Statutory Instruments
The Isles of Scilly (Functions) Order 19791979 No. 72UK Statutory Instruments
The Haddock (West of Scotland and Rockall) Licensing Order 19791979 No. 71UK Statutory Instruments
The Wild Birds (Special Protection in Severe Weather) Order 19791979 No. 70UK Statutory Instruments

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