Statutory Instruments

1957 No. 319


The Coal Industry Nationalisation (Superannuation) Regulations, 1957


27th February 1957

Laid before Parliament

1st March 1957

Coming into Operation

4th March 1957

The Minister of Power in exercise of the powers conferred upon him by sections thirty-seven and sixty-two of the Coal Industry Nationalisation Act, 1946, as amended by section four of the Coal Industry Act, 1949, and section fourteen of the Miners' Welfare Act, 1952, and of all other powers him enabling, hereby makes the following regulations:—

1.  These regulations shall come into operation on the fourth day of March, nineteen hundred and fifty-seven, and may be cited as the Coal Industry Nationalisation (Superannuation) Regulations, 1957.

2.  At the end of regulation one of the Coal Industry Nationalisation (Superannuation) Regulations, 1950(1), as amended(2), there shall be inserted the following paragraph:—

(2) Nothing in the Truck Acts, 1831 to 1940 shall prevent the deduction of a contribution due from any person under a scheme or other arrangement established by the Board with the Minister's approval from the wages or remuneration of that person or render invalid any provision therefor in such a scheme or arrangement; and for the purposes of the Shop Clubs Act, 1902, no such scheme or arrangement shall be deemed to constitute a shop club or thrift fund within the meaning of that Act.


Minister of Power

Dated this twenty-seventh day of February, nineteen hundred and fifty-seven


These regulations enable contributions to schemes and arrangements established by the National Coal Board with the approval of the Minister of Power due from members of a scheme or arrangement to whom the Truck Acts apply to be deducted without their express consent from their wages or remuneration. The regulations also provide that the Shop Clubs Act, which in certain cases would otherwise prevent persons eligible to be members of such a scheme or arrangement being required to be members, shall not apply to such schemes and arrangements.


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