7.—(1) In these regulations the following expressions have the meanings hereby assigned to them respectively:—

the Board” means the National Coal Board;

the Board's part” in relation to any superannuation scheme mentioned in the schedule to these regulations means the Board's part of that scheme within the meaning of paragraph (1) of regulation five of the Coal Industry Nationalisation (Superannuation) Regulations, 1950(1) ;

foreign investment” means any asset the transfer of which is governed otherwise than by the law of any part of Great Britain;

the principal scheme” means the superannuation scheme established by the Board by resolution dated the eighteenth day of July, nineteen hundred and forty-seven, as amended from time to time, and references thereto shall be construed as including any scheme established by the Board and approved by the Minister of Fuel and Power in replacement of it.

(2) The Interpretation Act, 1889, shall apply to the interpretation of these regulations as it applies to the interpretation of an Act of Parliament.


I, p. 356.