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    The Maintenance Orders (Facilities for Enforcement) Order,19591959 No. 377UK Statutory Instruments
    The Handicapped Pupils and Special Schools Regulations, 19591959 No. 365UK Statutory Instruments
    The Schools Regulations, 19591959 No. 364UK Statutory Instruments
    The Agriculture (Avoidance of Accidents to Children ) Regulations 19581958 No. 366UK Statutory Instruments
    The Superannuation (Fire Brigade and other Local Government Service) Interchange (Amendment) Rules 19581958 No. 361UK Statutory Instruments
    The Oil in Navigable Waters (Transfer Records) Regulations 19571957 No. 358UK Statutory Instruments
    The Wireless Telegraphy (Control of Interference from Ignition Apparatus) Amendment (No. 1) Regulations 19571957 No. 347UK Statutory Instruments
    The Coal Industry Nationalisation (Superannuation) Regulations 19571957 No. 319UK Statutory Instruments
    The Pupils' Registration Regulations 19561956 No. 357UK Statutory Instruments
    The Airways Corporations (General Staff Pensions) (Amendment) Regulations, 19561956 No. 305UK Statutory Instruments
    The Coal Industry (Superannuation Scheme) (Winding Up, No. 2) Regulations 19511951 No. 393UK Statutory Instruments
    The Superannuation (English Local Government and Isle of Man) Interchange Rules 19511951 No. 309UK Statutory Instruments
    The Coal Industry Nationalisation (Superannuation) Regulations 19501950 No. 376UK Statutory Instruments
    The Commonwealth Telegraphs (Pension Rights of Cable and Wireless Ltd. Staff) Regulations 19501950 No. 356UK Statutory Instruments

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