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    The Agricultural Marketing (Reorganisation Commission) Regulations 19501950 No. 1869UK Statutory Instruments
    The Census of Distribution (1958) (Restriction on Disclosure) Order, 19561956 No. 1860UK Statutory Instruments
    The Commonwealth Telegraphs (Cable and Wireless Ltd. Pension) Regulations 19551955 No. 1893UK Statutory Instruments
    The Direct Grant Schools Regulations, 19591959 No. 1832UK Statutory Instruments
    The Distribution of German Enemy Property (No. 2) Order 19511951 No. 1899UK Statutory Instruments
    The Greenwich Hospital School (Regulations) (Amendment) Order,19561956 No. 1894UK Statutory Instruments
    The Hill Farming Improvements (Settled Land and Trusts for Sale) Regulations 19511951 No. 1816UK Statutory Instruments
    The Iron and Steel (Compensation to Officers and Servants) (No. 2) Regulations 19531953 No. 1849UK Statutory Instruments
    The London Cab Order 19551955 No. 1853UK Statutory Instruments
    The Marriage (Authorised Persons) Regulations,19521952 No. 1869UK Statutory Instruments
    The Merchant Shipping (Certificates of Competency as A.B.) (New Zealand) Order 19561956 No. 1895UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Insurance (Non-participation–Certificates) Regulations 19591959 No. 1860UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Insurance and Industrial Injuries (Israel) Order 19571957 No. 1879UK Statutory Instruments
    The National Insurance and Industrial Injuries (Reciprocal Multilateral Agreement) (Belgium) Order, 19511951 No. 1801UK Statutory Instruments
    The Revision of the Army and Air Force Acts (Transitional Provisions) Act,1955 (Appointed Day) Order,19551955 No. 1807UK Statutory Instruments

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