XLVJustices to hold Special Sessions for Purposes of this Act.

Arid be it further enacted, That it shall and may be lawful for the Justices of the Peace within their respective Divisions, or any Two or more of them, and they are hereby required, to hold not less than Eight nor more than Twelve Special Sessions in every Year for executing the Purposes of this Act, the Days of the holding thereof to be appointed at a Special Sessions to be held within Fourteen Days after the Twentieth Day of March in every Year: Provided always, that it shall not be necessary to cause any Notice to be given or sent to any Justice acting and residing within such Limits of the Day or Time of the holding thereof; and at the said Special Sessions held next after the Twenty-fifth Day of March in every Year the Surveyor of each of the Parishes within their respective Divisions shall verify his Accounts, and shall make a Return in Writing to such Special Sessions of the State of all the Roads, common Highways, Bridges, Causeways, Hedges, Ditches, and Watercourses appertaining thereto, and of all Nuisances and Encroachments, if any, made upon the several Highways within the Parish for which he was Surveyor, as well as the Extent of the different Highways which the said Parish is liable to repair, what Part thereof has been repaired, and with what Materials, at what Expence, and what was the Amount levied during the Time he was Surveyor of the said Parish. ,