XLIIIIn case of Death of Surveyor, Executors to account.

And be it further enacted, That in case of the Death of any such Surveyor, District Surveyor,' or Assistant Surveyor, before he shall have paid and fully satisfied all the Monies which he shall have received by virtue of this Act, then and in every such Case the Executors or Administrators of such Surveyor, District Surveyor, or Assistant Surveyor so dying shall pay and satisfy the same out of his Estate and Effects unto the succeeding Surveyor, District Surveyor, or Assistant Surveyor, in like Manner as other Debts are directed by Law to be discharged by such Executors or Administrators, and also shall deliver up all Books; Papers, Writings, Assessments, Took, Materials, and Implements, and other Things concerning his Office, which shall have come to the Hands of such Executors or Administrators, who shall and may plead such Payment in any Action or Suit which may be brought against them on account of the said Estate and Effects, and give the same in Evidence; And in case of the Nonpayment of such Monies, or the Non-delivery of -such Books, Papers, Writings, Assessments, Tools, Materials, Implements, and Things, for rue Space of One Calendar Month after Demand made- thereof in Writing by' or on behalf of the said succeeding Surveyor, it shall be lawful for the said succeeding Surveyor to commence and prosecute an Action or Actions in any of His Majesty's Courts of Record at Westminster against such Executors or Administrators for the Recovery of the said Monies, or for the Recovery of Damaged for the Detention of such Books, Papers, Writings, Assessments, Tools, Materials, Implements, and Things, in which Action or Actions full Costs of Suit shall be recovered by the said succeeding Surveyor,