Lands Clauses Consolidation (Scotland) Act 1845

126 Superiorities not to be affected.E+W+S+N.I.

And be it enacted, that the rights and titles to be granted in manner herein mentioned in and to any lands taken and used for the purposes of this Act shall, unless otherwise specially provided for, in nowise affect or diminish the right of superiority in the same, which shall remain entire in the person granting such rights and titles; but in the event of the lands so used or taken being a part or portion of other lands held by the same owner under the same titles, the said company shall not be liable for any feu duties or casualties to the superiors thereof, nor shall the said company be bound to enter with the said superiors: Provided always, that before entering into possession of any lands full compensation shall be made to the said superiors for all loss which they may sustain by being deprived of any casualties, or otherwise by reason of any procedure under this Act.