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110 Recovery of gardens on nonpayment of rent, &c.E+W

If the rent reserved upon the letting of any garden by the allotment wardens shall at any time be in arrear for forty days, or if at any time during the tenancy, being not less than three calendar months after the commencement thereof, it shall appear to the allotment wardens that the occupier of such garden shall not have duly observed the terms and conditions of his tenancy, or shall have gone to reside more than one mile out of the parish, then and in every such case the allotment wardens shall serve a notice upon such occupier, or in case he shall have gone to reside out of the parish shall affix the same to the door of the church of the parish, determining the tenancy at the expiration of one month after such notice shall have been so served or affixed, and thereupon such tenancy shall be determined accordingly: . . . F1

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