London Hackney Carriages Act 1843

8 Registrar to grant licences. At the time of granting any licence an abstract of the laws and a ticket to be given.E+W+S+N.I.

It shall be lawful for [F1Transport for London] to grant a licence to act as driver of hackney carriages, F2. . . to any person who shall produce such a certificate as shall satisfy [F1Transport for London] of his good behaviour and fitness for such situation F3. . .; and in every such licence shall be specified the number of such licence, and the proper name and surname and place of abode, and age, and a description of the person to whom such licence shall be granted F4. . .; and every such licence shall bear date on the day on which the same shall be granted, F4. . . and on every licence of a driver F3. . . [F1Transport for London] shall cause proper columns to be prepared, in which every proprietor employing the driver F3. . . named in such licence shall enter his own name and address, and the days on which such driver F3. . . shall enter and shall quit his service respectively; and in case any of the particulars entered or endorsed upon any licence in pursuance of this Act shall be erased or defaced every such licence shall be wholly void and of none effect; and [F1Transport for London] shall, at the time of granting any licence, deliver to the driver, F3. . ., or waterman, to whom the same shall be granted an abstract of the laws in force relating to such driver, F3. . ., or waterman and of the penalties to which he is liable for any misconduct, and also a [F5badge], upon which there shall be marked F6... his office or employment, and a number corresponding with the number which shall be inserted in such licence.

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Amendments (Textual)

F5Word in s. 8 substituted (22.7.2008) by Transport for London Act 2008 (c. i), ss. 1(1), 11(1)(a)

F6Words in s. 8 omitted (22.7.2008) by virtue of Transport for London Act 2008 (c. i), ss. 1(1), 11(1)(b)

Modifications etc. (not altering text)

C1S. 8 repealed so far as it relates to a waterman by Statute Law Revision (No. 2) Act 1874 (c. 96)