Merchant Shipping Act 1894

553Sale of detained property by receiver

(1)The receiver may sell any detained property if the persons liable to pay the salvage in respect of which the property is detained are aware of the detention, in the following cases; namely,—

(a)Where the amount is not disputed, and payment of the amount due is not made within twenty days after the amount is due, or,

(b)Where the amount is disputed, but no appeal lies from the first court to which the dispute is referred, and payment is not made within twenty days after the decision of the first court, or

(c)Where the amount is disputed and an appeal lies from the decision of the first court to some other court, and within twenty days of the decision of the first court neither payment of the sum due is made nor proceedings are commenced for the purpose of appeal.

(2)The proceeds of sale of detained property shall, after payment of the expenses of the sale, be applied by the receiver in payment of the expenses, fees, and salvage, and, so far as not required for that purpose, shall be paid to the owners of the property, or any other persons entitled to receive the same.