6Management of allotments.

(1)Subject to the provisions of this Act, the local authority may from time to time make, revoke, and vary such regulations as appear to be necessary or proper for regulating the letting of allotments under this Act, and for preventing any undue preference in the letting thereof, and generally for carrying the provisions of this Act into effect; and such regulations may define the persons eligible to be tenants of such allotments, and the notices to be given for the letting thereof, and the size of the allotments, and the conditions under which they are to be cultivated, and the rent to be paid for them. Provided that all such regulations shall make provision for reasonable notice to be given to a tenant of any allotment of the determination of his tenancy. Provided also, that all regulations made under this section shall not be of any force unless and until they have been confirmed by the Secretary for Scotland, after such publication and inquiry, and with such modifications (if any) as the said Secretary shall determine.

(2)All regulations for the time being in force under this section shall be binding on all persons whatsoever; and the local authority shall cause them to be from time to time made known, in such manner as the local authority think fit, to all persons interested, and shall cause a copy thereof to be given gratis to any inhabitant of the burgh or parish demanding the same.

(3)Subject to the provisions of this Act, the local authority may from time to time appoint, and' when appointed remove, allotment managers of land acquired under this Act for allotments, and such allotment managers shall consist either partly of members of such authority and partly of other persons, or wholly of other persons, so that in either case such other persons be persons residing in the locality and contributing to the rate or assessment out of which the expenses under this Act are paid.

(4)The proceedings and powers of allotment managers shall be such as, subject to the provisions of this Act, may be prescribed from time to time by the local authority ; the allotment managers may be empowered by the local authority to do anything in relation to the management of such allotments which the local authority are authorised to do, and to incur expenses to such amount as the local authority prescribe, and any expenses properly so incurred shall be deemed to be expenses of the local authority under this Act.