Register of tenancies.

14The local authority shall cause a register to be kept showing the particulars of the tenancy, acreage, and rent of every allotment let, and of the unlet allotments, and such register shall be open to the examination of ratepayers in the burgh or the county, as the case may be, in such manner as may be prescribed by the regulations made under this Act by the local authority, and any ratepayer of such burgh or county, without paying any fee, may take copies of or extracts from such register, and within one month after the fifteenth day of May in every year the local authority shall cause an annual statement showing their receipts and expenditure under this Act in respect of the year ending on that day, and their liabilities outstanding on that day, to be deposited at some convenient place in the burgh or county to which the statement relates, and any ratepayer may without fee inspect and take copies of such statement.