Exclusive Fishery Limits

7Regulations as to foreign sea-fishing boats within exclusive fishery limits

(1) A foreign sea-fishing boat shall not enter within the exclusive fishery limits of the British Islands, except for purposes recognised by international law, or by any convention, treaty, or arrangement for the time being in force between Her Majesty and any Foreign State, or for any lawful purpose.

(2)If a foreign sea-fishing boat enters the exclusive fishery limits of the British Islands,

(a)The boat shall return outside of the said limits so soon as the purpose for which it entered has been answered ;

(b)No person on board the boat shall fish or attempt to fish while the boat remains within the said limits ;

(c)Such regulations as Her Majesty may from time to time prescribe by Order in Council shall be duly observed.

(3)In the event of any contravention of this section on the part of any foreign sea-fishing boat, or of any person belonging thereto, the master, or person for the time being in charge of such boat shall be liable on summary conviction to a fine not exceeding, in the case of the first offence, ten pounds, and in the ease of a second or any subsequent offence, twenty pounds.