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Prayer Book (Tables of Lessons) Act 1871


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

Table of Daily First and Second Lessons to be inserted in the Calendar prefixed to the Prayer Book in lieu of the existing Table

JANUARYMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
2Genesis i. to v. 20Matt. i. v. 18Genesis i. v. 20 to ii. v. 4Acts i.
3—ii. v. 4—ii.—iii. to v. 20—ii. to v. 22
4—iii. v. 20 to iv. v. 16—iii.—iv. v. 16—ii. v. 22
5—v. to v. 28—iv. to v. 23—v. v. 28 tovi. v. 9.—iii.
7—vi. v. 9—iv. v. 23 to v. v. 13—vii.—iv. to v. 32
8—viii.—v. v. 13 to v. 33—ix. to v. 20—iv. v. 32 to v. v. 17
9—xi. to v. 10—v. v. 33—xii.—v. v. 17
10—xiii.—vi. to v. 19—xiv.—vi.
11—XV.—vi. v. 19 to vii. v. 7—xvi.—vii. to v. 35
12—xvii. to v. 23—vii. v. 7—xviii. To v. 17—vii. v. 35 to viii. v.5
13—xviii. v. 17—viii. to v. 18—xix. v. 12 to v. 30—viii. v. 5 to 17. 26
14XX.—viii. v. 18—xxi. to v. 22—viii. v. 26
15—xxi. v. 33 to xxii. v. 20—ix. to v, 18—xxiii.—ix. to v. 23
16—xxiv. to v. 29—ix. v. 18—xxiv. v. 29 to v. 52—ix. v. 23
17—xxiv. v. 52—x. to v. 24—xxv. v. 5 to v. 19—x. to v. 24
18—xxv. v. 19—x. v. 24—xxvi. To v. 18—x. v. 24
19—xxvi. v. 18—xi.—xxvii. to v. 30—xi.
20—xxvii. v. 30—xii. to v. 22—xxviii.—xii.
21—xxix. to v. 21—xii. v. 22—xxxi. to v. 25—xiii. to v. 26
22—xxxi. v. 36—xiii. to v. 24—xxxii. to v.22—xiii. v. 26
23—xxxii. v. 22—xiii. v. 24 to ; v. 53—xxxiii.—xiv.
24—xxxv. to v. 21—xiii. v. 53 to xiv. v. 13.—xxxvii. to v.12—xv. to v. 30
26—xxxvii. v. 12—xiv. v. 13—xxxix.—xv. v. 30 to xvi. v. 16
27—xl.—xv. to v. 21—xii. to v. 17—xvi. v. 16
28—xii. v. 17 to v. 53—xv. v. 21—xii. v. 53 to xiii. v. 25—xvii. to v. 16
29—xiii. v. 25—xvi. to v. 24—xliii. to v. 25—xvii. v. 16
30—xliii. v. 25 to xliv. 14—xvi. v. 24 to xvii. 14—xliv. v. 14—xviii. to v. 24
31—xiv. to v. 25—xvii. v. 14—xiv. v. 25 to xlvi. v. 8—xviii. v. 24 to xix. v. 21

Note.—With the exception of the Table of Lessons the rest of the Calendar will remain as before the passing of this Act under 24 Geo. 2. c. 23. and the Acts amending the same.

FEBRUARYMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Genesis xlvi. v. 26 to xlvii. v. 13Matt. xviii. to v. 21Genesis xlvii. v. 13Acts xix. v. 21
2—xviii. v. 21 to xix. v. 3- XX. to 17. 17
3—xlviii.—xix. 3 to v. 27—xlix.—xx. v. 17
4—1.—xix. v. 27 to xx. v. 17Exodus i.—xxi. to v. 17
5Exodus ii.—xx. v. 17—iii.—xxi. v. 17 to 17 v.37
6—iv. to v. 24—xxi. to v.23—iv. v. 27 to v. v. 15—xxi. v. 37 to xxii. v. 23
7—v. v. 15 to vi. v. 14—xxi. v. 23—vi. v. 28 to vii; v. 14—xxii. 17. 23 to xxiii. v. 12
8—vii. v. 14—xxii. to v. 15—viii. to v. 20—xxiii. v. 12
9—viii. v. 20 to ix. v. 13—xxii. 17. 15 to v. 41—ix. v. 13—xxiv.
10—x. to v. 21—xxii. v. 41 to xxiii. v. 13—x. v. 21 and xi.—xxv.
11—xii. to v. 21—xxiii. v. 13—xii. v. 21 to 17. 43—xxvi.
12—xii. v. 43 to xiii. v. 17—xxiv. to 29—xiii. v. 17 to xiv. 17. 10—xxvii. to v. 18
13—xiv. v. 10—xxiv. v. 29—xv. to v. 22—xxvii. v. 18
14—xv. v. 22 to xvi. v. 11—xxv. to v. 31—xvi. v. 11—xxviii. to v. 17
15—xvii.—xxv. v. 31—xviii.—xxviii. v. 17
16—xix.—xxvi. to v. 31—xx. to 17. 22Romans i.
17—xxi. to v. 18—xxvi. v. 31 to v. 57—xxii. v. 21 to xxiii. v. 10—ii. to v. 17
18—xxiii. v. 14—xxvi. v. 57—xxiv.—ii. v. 17
19—xxv. to v. 23—xxvii. to v. 27—xxviii. to 17. 13—iii.
20—xxviii. v. 29 to a. 42—xxvii. i7.27 to v. 57—xxix. v. 35 to XXX. 17. 11—iv.
21—xxxi.—xxvii. v. 57—xxxii. To v. 15—v.
22—xxxii. v. 15—xxviii.—xxxiii. To v. 12—vi.
23—xxxiii. 12 to xxxiv. v. 10Mark i. to v. 21—xxxiv. v. 10 to i7. 27—vii.
24—i. v. 21—viii. to v. 18
25—xxxiv. v. 27—ii. to v. 23—xxxv. v. 29 to xxxvi. v. 8—viii. v. 18
26—xxxix. v. 30—ii. i7. 23 to iii. v. 13—xl. to v. 17 —ix. to v. 19
27— xl. v. 17iii. v. 13Levit. ix. v. 22 to x. v. 12—ix. v. 19
28Levit. xiv. to v. 23—iv. to v. 35—xvi. to v. 23—X.
29—xix. to v. 19Matt. vii.—xix. v. 30 to xx. v. 9—xii.
MARCHMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Levit. xxv. To v. 18Mark iv. v. 35 to v. v. 21Levit. xxv. v. 18 to v. 44Romans xi. to v. 25
2—xxvi. To v.21— v. v. 21—xxvi. v. 21—xi. v. 25
3Numbers vi.—vi. to v. 14Numbers ix. v. 15 to x. v. 11—xii.
4— x. V. 11— vi. v. 14 to v. 30—xi. to v. 24—xiii.
5—xi. v. 24— vi. v. 30— xii.—xiv. and xv. to v. 8
6—xiii. v. 17— vii. to p. 24—xiv. to v. 26—xv. v. 8
7—xiv. v. 26vii. v. 24 to 1 viii. v. 10—xvi. to v. 23—xvi.
8—xvi. v. 23viii. v. 10 to ix. v. 2—xvii.1 Cor. i. to v. 26
9—xx. to v. 14—ix. v. 2 to v. 30—xx. r. J 4—i. v. 26 & ii.
10—xxi. to v. 10ix. v. 30—xxi. c. 10 to v. 32—iii.
11—xxii. to v. 22— x. to v. 32—xxii. v. 22— iv. to v. 18
12—xxiii.— x. v. 32—. xxiv.—iv. v. 18 and v.
13— xxv._ xi. to v. 27—xxvii. v. 12—vi.
14Deuteron. i. to v. 19xi. v. 27 to xii. v. 13Deuteron. i. v. 19—vii. to v. 25
15—ii. to v. 26— xii. c. 13 to v. 35—ii. v. 26 to iii. v. 18—vii. v. 25
16.—iii. v. 18xii. v. 35 to xiii. v. 14—iv. to v. 25—viii.
17—iv. v. 25 to v. 41— xiii. v. 14—v. to v. 22—ix.
18—v.v.22— xiv. to v. 27—vi.—x. and xi. v. 1
19—vii. to v. 12xiv. 27 to 53—vii. v. 12—xi. v. 2 to v. 17
20—viii.— xiv. v. 53— x. v. 8—xi. v. 17
21—xi. to v. 18— xv. to a. 42—xi. v. 18—xii. to v. 28
22—xv. to v. 16_ xv. v. 42 & xvi.—xvii. v. 8—xii. v. 28 and xiii.
23—xviii. v. 9Luke i. to v. 26—xxiv. v. 5—xiv. to v. 20
24—xxvi.—i. v. 26 to v. 46—. xxvii.—xiv. v. 20
25-— i. v. 46—xv. to v. 35
26—xxviii. to v. 15ii. to v. 21—xxviii. v. 15 to v. 47—xv. v. 35
27—xxviii. v. 47— ii. v. 21—xxix. v. 9—xvi.
28— xxx.— iii. to v. 23—xxxi. to v. 142 Cor. i. to v. 23
29—xxxi. v. 14 to v. 30_ iv. to v. 16—xxxi. v. 30 to xxxii, v. 44—i. v. 23 to ii. v. 14
30—xxxii. v. 44— iv. v. 16—xxxiii.—a. v. 14 and iii.
31—xxxiv.— v. to v. 17Joshua i.—iv.
APRILMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Joshua ii.Luke v. v. 17Joshua iii.2 Cor. v.
2—iv.—vi. to v. 20—v.—vi. and vii. v. 1
3—vi.—vi. v. 20—vii.—. vii. v. 2
4—ix. v. 3—vii. to v. 24—x. to v. 16—viii.
5—xxi. v. 43 to xxii. v. 11—vii. v. 24—xxii. v. 11—ix.
6—xxiii.—viii. to v. 26—xxiv.—X.
7Judges ii.—viii. v. 26Judges iv.—xi. to v. 30
8—v.— ix. to v. 28—vi. to v. 24—xi. v. 30 to xii. v. 14
9—vi. v. 24—ix. v. 28 to v. 51—vii.—xii. v. 14 and xiii.
10—viii. v. 32 to ix. v. 25—ix. i: 51 to x. v. 17- x.Gal. i.
11—xi. to v. 29—x. r. 17— xi. v. 29—ii.
12—xiii.—xi. to v. 29—xiv.—iii.
13- xv.—xi. v. 29—xvi.—iv. to v. 21
14Ruth i.—xii. to v. 35Ruth ii.—iv. v. 21 to V v. 1 3
15—iii.—xii. v. 35—iv.—v. v. 13
161 Samuel i.—xiii. to v. 181 Samuel ii. to v. 21—vi.
17—ii. v. 21—xiii. v. 18—iii.Eph. i.
18—iv.—xiv. to v. 25—v.—ii.
19—vi.—xiv. v. 25 to XV. v. 11—vii.—iii.
20—viii.— XV. v. 11—ix.—iv. to v. 25
21—x.—xvi.—xi.—iv. v. 25 to v. n. 22
22—xii.—xvii. to v. 20—xiii.—v. v. 22 to vi. v. 10
23—xiv. to v. 24—xvii. v. 20—xiv. v. 24 to v. 47—vi. v. 10
24—XV.—xviii. to v. 31—xvi.Phil. i.
25—xviii. v. 31 to xix. v. 11—ii.
26—xvii. to v. 31—xix. v. 11 to v. 28—xvii. v. 31 to v. 55—iii.
27—xvii. v. 55 to xviii. v. 17—xix. v. 28—xix.—iv.
28—xx. to v. 18—xx. to v. 27—xx. v. 18Col. l. to v. 21
29—xxi.—xx. v. 27 to xxi. v. 5—xxii.—i. v. 21 to ii. v. 8
30—xxiii.—xxi. v. 5—xxiv. and xxv. v. 1—ii. v. 8
MAYMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Colossians iii. to v. 18
21 Samuel xxvi.Luke xxii. to v. 311 Samuel xxviii. v. 3—iii. v. 18 to iv. v. 7
3—xxxi.— xxii. v. 31 to v. 542 Samuel i.— iv. v. 7
42 Samuel iii. v. 17— xxii. v. 54—iv.1 Thess. i.
5—vi.— xxiii. to v. 26—vii. to v. 18— ii.
6—vii. v. 18— xxiii. v. 26 to v. 50—ix.— iii.
7—xi.— xxiii. v. 50 to xxiv. v. 13—xii. to v. 24— iv.
8—xiii. v. 38 to xiv. v. 26— xxiv. v. 13—xv. to v. 16— v.
9—xv. v. 16John i. to v. 29—.xvi. to v. 152 Thess. i.
10—xvi. v. 15 to xvii. v. 24— i. v. 29—xvii. v. 24 to xviii. v. 18— ii.
11—xviii. v. 18— ii.—xix. to v. 24— iii.
12—xix. v. 24— iii. to v. 22—xxi. to v. 151 Tim. i. to v. 18
13—xxiii. To v. 24:— iii. v. 22—xxiv.—i. v. 18andii.
141 Kings i. to v. 28— iv. to v. 311 Kings i. v. 28 to v. 49— iii.
151 Chron. xxix. v. 10— iv. v. 31—iii._ iv.
161 Kings iv. v. 20— v. to v. 24:—v.— v.
17—vi. to v. 15— v. v. 24—viii. to v. 22— vi.
18—viii. v. 22 to v. 54— vi. to v. 22—viii. v. 54 to ix. v. 102 Tim. i.
19— X.— vi. v. 22 to v. 41—xi. to v. 26— ii.
20—xi. v. 26— vi. v. 41—xii. to v. 25— iii.
21—xii. v. 25 to xiii. v. 11— vii. to v. 25—, xiii. v. 11— iv.
22—xiv. to v. 21— vii. 17. 25—xv. v. 25 to xvi. v. 8Titus i.
23—xvi. v. 8—viii. to v. 31—xvii.— ii.
24—xviii. To v. 17_ viii. v. 31—xviii. v. 17— iii.
25—xix.— ix. to v. 39—xxi.Philemon.
26—xxii. to v. 41—ix. v. 39 to x. v. 222 Kings i.Hebrews i.
272 Kings ii.— x. v. 22—iv. v. 8—ii. and iii. to
28—v.— xi. to v. 17— vi. to v. 24—iii. v. 7 to iv. v. 14
29—vi. v. 24— xi. v. 17 to v. 47—vii.—iv. v. 14 and v.
30—viii. to v. 16— xi. v. 47 to xii. v. 20—ix._ vi.
31—x. to v. 18xii. v. 20—x. v. 18— vii.
JUNEMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
12 Kings xiii.John xiii. to v. 212 Kings xvii. to v. 24Hebrews viii.
2—xvii. v. 24—xiii. v. 212 Chron. xii.—ix.
32 Chron. xiii.—XIV.—xiv.—x. to v. 19
4- XV.- XV.—xvi. and xvii. to v. 14—x. v. 19
5—xix.—xvi. to v. 16—xx. to v. 31—xi. to v. 17
6—xx. v. 31 and xxi.—xvi. v. 16—xxii.—xi. v. 17
8—xxv.—xviii. to v. 28—xxvi. and xxvii.—xiii.
9—xxviii.—xviii. v. 282 Kings xviii. to v. 9James i.
10—xxix; v. 3 to v. 21—xix. to v. 252 Chron. xxx. and xxxi. v. 1—ii.
122 Kings xviii. v. 13—xix. v. 252 Kings xix. to v. 20—iii.
13—xix. v. 20—xx. to v. 19— XX.—iv.
14Isaiah xxxviii. v. 9 to v. 21—xx. v. 192 Chron. xxxiii.—V.
152 Kings xxii.—xxi.2 Kings xxiii. to v.211 Peter i. to v. 22
16—xxiii. v. 21 to xxiv. v. 8Acts i.—xxiv. v. 8 to xxv. v. 8—i. v. 22 to ii. v. 11
17—xxv. v. 8—ii. to v. 22Ezra i. and iii.—ii. v. 11 to iii. v. 8
18Ezra iv.—ii. v. 22—v.—iii. v. 8 to iv. v. 7
19—vii.—iii.—viii. v. 15—iv. v. 7
20—ix.—iv. to v, 32—x. to v. 20—v.
21Nehemiah i.—iv. v. 32 to v. v. 17Nehemiah ii.2 Peter i.
22— iv.—v. v. 17—v.—ii.
23—vi. and vii. to v. 5—vi.—vii. v. 73 and viii.—iii.
25—xiii. to v. 15—vii. to v. 35—xiii. v. 151 John i.
26Esther i.—vii. v. 35 to viii. v. 5Esther ii. v. 15 and iii.—ii. to v. 15
27—iv.—Viii. v. 5 to v. 26—v.—ii. v. 15
28—vi.—viii. v, 26—vii.—iii. to v. 16
30Job i.—ix. to v. 23Job ii.—iii. v. 16 to iv. v. 7
JULYMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Job iii.Acts ix. v. 23Job iv.1 John iv. v. 7
2— v.—x. to v. 24—vi.—v.
3—vii..—x. v. 24—ix.2 John.
4—x.—xi.—xi.3 John.
6—xiv.—xiii. to v. 26—xvi.Matt. i. v. 18
7—xvii.—xiii. v. 26—xix.—ii.
8—xxi.—xiv.—xxii. v. 12 to v. 29—iii.
9—xxiii.—xv. to v. 30—xxiv.—iv. to v. 23
10— xxv., xxvi.—xv. v. 30 to xvi. v. 16—xxvii.—iv. v. 23 to v. v. 13
11—xxviii.—xvi. v. 16—xxix. And xxx. v. 1—v. v. 13 to v. 33
12—xxx. v. 12 to v. 27—xvii. to v. 16—xxxi. v. 13—v. v. S3
13—xxxii.—xvii. v. 16—xxxviii. To v. 39—vi. to v. 19
14—xxxviii. v. 39 and xxxix.—xviii. to v. 24—xl.—vi. v. 19 to vii. v. 7
15—xli.—xviii. v. 24 to xix. v. 21—xiii.—vii. v. 7
16Proverbs i. to v. 20—xix. v. 21Proverbs i. v. 20—viii. to v. 18
17—ii.—xx. to v. 17 I—iii. to v. 27— viii. v. IS
18—iii. v. 27 to iv. v. 20—xx. v. 17—iv. v. 20 to v. v. 15—ix. to v. 18
19—v. v. 15—xxi. to v. 17—vi. to v. 20—. ix. v. 18
20—vii.—xxi. v. 17 to v. 37—viii.—x. to v. 24
21—ix.—xxi. v. 37 to xxii. v. 23—x. v. 16—x. v. 24
22—xi. to v. 15—xxii. v. 23 to xxiii. v. 12—xi. v. 15—xi.
23—xii. v. 10—xxiii. v. 12—xiii.—xii. to v. 22
24—xiv. v. 9 to v. 28—xxiv.—xiv. tv28 to xv. v. 18—xii. v. 22
25—xiii. to v. 24
26—xv. v. 18—xxv.—xvi. To v. 20—xiii. v. 24 to v. 53
27—xvi. v. 31 to xvii. v. 18—xxvi.—xviii. v. 10—xiii. v. 53 to xiv. v. 13
28—xix. v. 13—xxvii.—xx. to v. 23—xiv. v. 13
29—xxi. to v. 17—xxviii. tov. 17—xxii. to v. 17—xv. to v. 21
30— xxiii. v. 10—xxviii. v. 17—xxiv. i. 21—xv. v. 21
31— xxv.Romans i.—xxvi. to v. 21—xvi. to v. 24
AUGUSTMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Proverbs xxvii. to v. 23Romans ii. to v. 17Proverbs xxviii. to v. 15Matt. xvi. v. 24 to xvii. v. 14
2—xxx. to v. 18— ii. v. 17—xxxi. v. 10—xvii. v. 14
3Eccles. i.— iii.Eccles. ii. to v. 12—xviii. to v. 21
4— iii.— iv.—iv.—xviii. v. 21 to xix. v. 3
5—v.— v.—vi.—xix. v. 3 to v. 27
6—vii.— vi.—viii.—xix. v. 27 to xx. v. 17
7—ix.— vii.—. xi.—xx. v. 17
8—xii.— viii. to v. 18Jeremiah i.—xxi. to v. 23
9Jeremiah ii. to v. 14—viii. v. 18—v. to v. 19—xxi. v. 23
10—v. v. 19— ix. to v. 19—vi. to v. 22—xxii. to v. 15
11—vii. to v. 17— ix. v. 19—viii. v. 4—xxii. v. 15 to v. 41
12— ix. to v. 17— x.—xiii. v. 8 to v. 24—xxii. v. 41 to xxiii. v. 13
13—xv.— xi. to v. 25—xvii. to v. 19—xxiii. v. 13
14—xviii. to v. 18— xi. v. 25—xix.— xxiv. to v. 29
15—xxi.— xii.—xxii. to v. 13—xxiv. t 29
16—xxii. v. 13— xiii.—xxiii. to v.16—xxv. to v. 31
17— xxiv.—xiv. and xv. to v. 8—xxv. to v. 15—xxv. v. 31
18—xxvi.— xv. v. 8—xxviii.—xxvi. to v. 31
19—xxix. v. 4 to v. 20— xvi.—xxx.—xxvi. v. 31 to v. 57
20—xxxi. To v. 151 Cor. i. to v. 26—xxxi. v. 15 to v. 38—xxvi. v. 57
21—xxxiii. To v. 14— i. v. 26 and ii.—xxxiii. v. 14—xxvii. to v. 27
22—xxxv.— iii.—xxxvi. to v. 14—xxvii. v. 27 to v. 57
23—xxxvi. v. 14— iv. to v. 18—xxxviii. to v. 14—xxvii. v. 57
24——— iv. v. 18 and v.-— xxviii.
25— xxxviii. v. 14—vi.—xxxix.Mark i. to v. 21
26—1. to v. 21- vii. to v. 25—Ii. v. 54—i. v. 21
27Ezekiel i. to v. 15— vii. v. 25Ezekiel i. v. 15—ii. to v. 23
28—ii.— viii.—iii. to v. 15—ii. v. 23 to iii. a. 13
29—iii. v. 15- ix.—viii.—iii. v. 13
30—ix.—x. and xi. v. 1— xi. v. 14—iv. to v. 35
31—xii. v. 17— xi. v. 2 to a. 17—xiii. to v. 17—iv. v. 35 to v. v. 21
SEPTEMBERMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Ezekiel xiii. v. 171 Cor. xi. v. 17Ezekiel xiv. to v. 12Mark v. v. 21
2—xiv. v. 12—xii. to v. 28—xvi. v. 44vi. to v. 14
3—xviii. to v. 19—xii. v. 28 and xiii.—xviii. v. 19— vi. v. 14 to v. 30
4—xx. to v. 18—xiv. to v. 20—xx. v. 18 to v.33— vi. v. 30
5—xx. v. 33 to v. 44—xiv. v. 20—r xxii. v. 23— vii. to v. 24
6— xxiv. v. 15—xv. to v. 35—xxvi.— vii. v. 24 to viii. v. 10
7—xxvii. To v. 26—xv. v. 35—xxvii. v. 26— viii. v. 10 to ix. Vi 2
8—xxviii. to v. 20—xvi.—xxxi.— ix. v. 2 to v. 30
9—xxxii. to v. 172 Cor. i. to v. 23—xxxiii. to v. 21— ix. v. 30
10—xxxiii. v. 21—i. v. 23 to ii. v. 14—xxxiv. to v. 17x. to v. 32
11—xxxiv. v. 17—ii. v. 14 and iii.—xxxvi. v. 16 to v. 33— x. v. 32
12—xxxvii. to v. 15— iv.—xxxvii. v. 15— xi. to v. 27
13—xlvii. to v. 13- v.Daniel i.— xi. v. 27 to xii. v. 13
14Daniel ii. to v. 24—vi. and vii. v. 1—ii. v. 24— xii. ii. 13 to v. 35
15— iii.—vii. v. 2—iv. to v. 19xii. v. 35 to xiii. v. 14
16—iv. v. 19—viii.—v. to v. 17— xiii. r. 14
17—v. r. 17—ix.—vi.— xiv. to v. 27
18—vii. to v, 15—X.—vii. v. 15— xiv. v. 27 to ii. 53
19—ix. to v. 20—xi. to v. 30—ix. ii. 20— xiv. v. 53
20—x. to v. 20—xi. v. 30 to xii. v. 14—xii.— xv. to v. 42
21-—xii. v. 14 and xiii.— xv. v. 42 and xvi.
22Hosea ii. v. 14Gal. i.Hosea iv. to v. 13Luke i. to v. 26
23—v. v. 8 to vi. v. 7—ii.—vii. v. 8i. v. 26 to v. 57
24—viii.—iii.—ix.— i. v. 57
25— X.iv. to v. 21—xi. and xii.ii, to v. 21
26—xiii. to v. 1,5—iv. v. 21 to v. 7.—xiv.ii. v. 21
27Joel i.v. v. 13—v. v. 13Joel ii. to v. 15— iii. to v. 23
28—ii. v. 15 to v. 28—vi.—ii. v. 28 to iii. v. 9— iv. to v. 16
30—iii. v. 9Eph. i.Amos i. and ii. to v. 4Luke iv. v. 16
OCTOBERMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Amos ii. v. 4 to iii. v. 9Eph. ii.Amos iv. v. 4Luke v. to v. 17
2—v. to v. 18— iii.—v. v. 18 to vi. v. 9—v. v. 17
3—vii.— iv. to v. 25—viii.—vi. to v. 20
4—ix.—iv. v. 25 to v. v. 22Obadiah.—vi. v. 20
5Jonah i.— v. v. 22 toJonah ii.—vii. to v. 24
6—iii.— vi. v. 10—iv.—vii. v. 24
7Micah i. to v. 10Phil. i.Micah ii.—viii. to v. 26
8—iii.— ii.—iv.—viii. v. 26
9—v.— iii.—vi.—ix. to v. 28
10—vii.— iv.Nahum i.—ix. v. 28 to v. 51
11Nahum ii.Col. i. to v. 21—iii.—ix. v. 51 to x. v. 17
12Habakkuk i.— i. v. 21 to ii. v. 8Habakkuk ii.—x. v. 17
13—iii.— ii. v. 8Zephaniah i. to v. 14—xi. to v. 29
14Zephaniah i. v. 14 to ii. v. 4— iii. to v. 18—ii. v. 4—xi. v. 29
15—iii.— iii. v. 18 and iv.Haggai i.—xii. to v. 35
16Haggai ii. to v. 101 Thess. i.—ii. v. 10—xii. v. 35
17Zechariah i. to v. 18—ii.Zechariah i. v. 18 and ii.—xiii. to v. 18
18——— iii.—xiii. v. 18
19—iii.— iv.—iv.—xiv. to v. 25
20—v._ v.—vi.—xiv. v. 25 to xv. v. 11
21—vii.2 Thess. i.—viii. to v. 14—xv. v. 11
22— viii. v. 14ii.—ix. v. 9—xvi.
23—x.iii.—xi.—xvii. to v. 20
24—xii.1 Tim. i. to v. 18—xiii.—xvii. v. 20
25—xiv.—i. v. 18 and ii.Malachi i.—xviii. to v. 31
26Malachi ii._ iii.—iii. to v. 13—xviii. v. 31 to xix. v. 11
27— iii. v. 13 and iv.— iv.Wisdom i.—xix. v. 11 to v. 28
28— v.---—xix. v. 28
29Wisdom ii.— vi.— iv. v. 7—xx. to v. 27
30—vi. to v. 222 Tim. i.—vi. v. 22 to vii. v. 15—xx. v. 21 to xxi. v. 5
31—vii. v. 15— ii.—viii. to v. 19—xxi. v. 5
NOVEMBERMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
2Wisdom ix.2 Tim. iii.Wisdom xi. To v. 15Luke xxii. to v. 31
3—xi. v. 15 to xii. v. 3—iv.—xvii.—xxii. v. 31 to 'v. 54
4Ecclus. i. to v. 14Titus i.Ecclus. ii.— xxii. v. 54
5—iii. v. 17 to v. 30—ii.—iv. v. 10—xxiii. to v. 26
6—v.—iii.—vii. v. 27—xxiii. v. 26 to v. 50
7—x. v. 18Philemon.—xiv. to v. 20—xxiii. v. 50 to xxiv. v. 13
8—xv. v. 9Hebrews i.—xvi. v. 17—xxiv. v. 13
9—xviii. To v. 15—ii. and iii. to v.7— xviii. v. 15John i. to v. 29
10—xix. v. 13—iii. v. 7 to iv. v. 14—xxii, v. 6 to v. 24—i. v. 29
11—xxiv. To 24—iv. v. 14 and v.— xxiv. v. 24—ii.
12—xxxiii. v. 7 to v. 23—vi.—xxxiv. v. 15—iii. to v. 22
13—xxxv.—vii.—xxxvii. v. 8 to v. 19—iii. v. 22
14—xxxix. to v. 13—viii.—xxxix. r. 13—iv. to v. 31
15—xii. to v. 14—ix.—xiii. v. 15— iv. v. 31
16—xliv. To v. 16—x. to v. 19—1. to v. 25—v. to v. 24
17—Ii. v. 10—x. v. 19Baruch iv. to v. 21—v. v. 24
18Baruch iv. v. 36 and v.—xi. to v. 17Isaiah i. to v. 21—vi. to v. 22
19Isaiah i. v. 21—xi. r. 17—ii.—vi. v. 22 to v. 41
20—iii. to v. 16—xii.—iv. v. 2—vi. v. 41
21—v. to v. 18—xiii.—v. v. 18—vii. to v. 25
22—vi.James i.—vii. to v. 17—vii. v. 25
23—viii. v. 5 to v. 18—ii.—viii. v. 18 to ix. v. 8—viii. to v. 31
24—ix. v. 8 to x. v. 5—iii.—x. v. 5 to v. 20—viii. v. 31
25—x. v. 20— iv.— xi. to v. 10—ix. to v. 39
26—xi. v. 10—v.—xii.—ix. v. 39 to x. v. 22
27— xiii.1 Peter i. to v. 22—xiv. to v. 24—x. v. 22
28—xvii.—i. v. 22 to ii. v. 11—xviii.—xi: to v. 17
29—xix. to v. 16—ii. v. 11 to iii. v. 8—xix. v. 16—xi. v. 17 to v. 47
DECEMBERMorning Prayer.Evening Prayer.
First Lesson.Second Lesson.First Lesson.Second Lesson.
1Isaiah xxi. to v. 131 Peter iii. v. 8 to iv. v. 7Isaiah xxii. to v. 15John xi. v. 47 to xii. v. 20
2—xxii. v. 15— iv. v. 7—xxiii.—xii. v. 20
3—xxiv.—v.—xxv.—xiii. to v. 21
4—xxvi. To v. 202 Peter i.—xxvi. v. 20 and xxvii.—xiii. v. 21
5—xxviii. To v. 14—ii.—xxviii. v. 14—xiv.
6—xxix. to v. 9—iii.—xxix. v. 9—xv.
7—xxx. to v. 181 John i.—xxx. v. 18—xvi. to v. 16
8—xxxi.—ii. to v. 15—xxxii.—xvi. v. 16
9—xxxiii.—ii. v. 15—xxxiv.—xvii.
10—xxxv.—iii. to v. 16—xl. to v. 12—xviii. to v. 28
11—xl. v. 12—iii. v. 16 to iv. v. 7—xii. to v. 17—xviii. v. 28
12—xii. r. 17—iv. v. 7—xiii. to v. 18—xix. to v. 25
13—xiii. v. 18 to xliii. v. 8—v.—xliii. v. 8—xix. v. 25
14—xliv. to v. 212 John.—xliv. v. 21 to xiv. v. 8—xx. to v. 19
15—xiv. v. 83 John.—xlvi.—xx. v. 19
17—xlix. to v. 13Rev. i.—xlix. v. 13Rev. ii. to v. 18
18—1.—ii. r. 18 to iii. v.7—Ii. to v. 9—iii. v. 7
19—Ii. v. 9—iv.—Iii. to v. 13—v.
20—Iii. v. 13 and liii.—vi.—liv.—vii.
22—Iv.— viii.—Ivi.—X.
29—Ixi.—xix. to V. 11—lxii.—xix. v. 11
30—Ixiii.— xx.—lxiv. and lxv. to v. 8—xxi. to v. 15
31—lxv. v. 8.—xxi. v. 15 to 1 xxii. v. 6—lxvi.—xxii. v. 6

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