Burgh Customs (Scotland) Act 1870

3 Saving in respect of creditors.S

On such petty customs or duties, or part of them, levied or leviable in such burgh being abolished in manner herein-before provided, the rate or rates to be levied in lieu thereof shall, ipso facto, come in place of any security held by any creditor or creditors of such burgh over such petty customs or duties, or part of them, but nothing herein contained, nor any such resolution, shall in any way affect, diminish, or take away the right, claim, or title of any creditor of any such burgh to any payment or any security out of or upon the common good of such burgh, nor shall any such resolution be of any validity or effect so long as any tack or lease of such petty customs shall be in force, or until such lease or tack shall have terminated by surrender or effluxion of time, or otherwise, nor without the consent of the creditor, so long as any such petty customs or any of them shall be and continue assigned as a special security to any creditor of such burgh.