New Parishes Acts and Church Building Acts Amendment Act 1869

7 Upon complete surrender, all rights created by Act for building church to cease.E+W+S+N.I.

In every case in which a complete surrender and determination of the rights, powers, obligations, and trusts affecting the pews or sittings in a church or chapel shall have been carried out as aforesaid, and in every case in which such transfer and conveyance as aforesaid of the freehold of a church or chapel, and the vaults (if any) thereof, shall have been effected, all other rights, powers, obligations, and trusts created, conferred, or enforced as to such church or chapel by the Act of Parliament, deed, or instrument under which such church or chapel was built, shall upon such complete surrender and determination, or (as the case may be) such transfer and conveyance, absolutely cease and determine; provided always, that such cesser and determination shall not diminish or in anywise affect any right or rights of patronage.