Land Registry Act 1862

93 As to restrictions on conveyance, &c. of land.E+W

Where the registered proprietor of any land or charge is desirous for his own sake, or at the request of some person beneficially interested in such land or charge, to place restrictions on transferring or charging such land or charge, such proprietor may, upon application to the registrar, direct that no transfer shall be made of or charge created on such land or charge, unless the following things, or such of them as he may prescribe, are done; (that is to say,)

  • Unless notice of any application for a transfer or creation of a charge is transmitted by post to such address as he may specify to the registrar:

  • Unless the consent of some person or persons, to be named by such proprietor, is given to the transfer or creation of a charge:

  • Unless some such other matter or thing is done as may be required by the applicant and approved by the registrar.