19All Gales of Coal or Iron Mines, and all Gales or Leases of Quarries determined by Notice to be void without any Deed, Surrender, or other Act.

Whereas by Number Six of the Rules and Regulations relating to Coal Mines and to Iron Mines respectively made by the said Commissioners as aforesaid it is provided, that all Persons then or at any Time thereafter holding One or more Gale or Gales of any Mine or Mines of Coal and Iron Ore respectively, should be at liberty to give up all or any of such Gales on giving such Notice in Writing to the Gaveller or Deputy Gaveller as therein mentioned: Now be it enacted and declared, That all Gales of Coal or Iron Ore, and also all Gales or Leases of Quarries which have been or shall be surrendered or given up under the said Rules mentioned in this and the last preceding Section (as varied by this present Act), did and shall on .the Expiration of the Notice required as aforesaid become absolutely void, without any Deed or any further .Surrender or other Act by the Galee or by any other Person, except only so far as related or shall relate to the Rights and Powers of Her Majesty, Her Heirs or Successors, for the Recovery of any Rents, Royalties, or other Payments due in respect or by reason of such surrendered Gale.