47 New charter may be granted to the College of Physicians of London. 14 & 15 Hen. 8 c. 5.E+W+S+N.I.

It shall be lawful for Her Majesty to grant to the corporation of the Royal College of Physicians of London a new charter, and thereby to give to such corporation the name of “The Royal College of Physicians of England,” and to make such alterations in the constitution of the same corporation as to Her Majesty may seem expedient; and it shall be lawful for the said corporation to accept such charter under their common seal, and such acceptance shall operate as a surrender of all charters heretofore granted to the said corporation, except the charter granted by King Henry the Eighth, and shall also operate as a surrender of such charter and of any rights, powers, or privileges conferred by or enjoyed under an Act of the session holden in the fourteenth and fifteenth years of King Henry the Eighth, chapter five, confirming the same, as far as such charter and Act respectively may be inconsistent with such new charter: Provided nevertheless, that within twelve months after the granting of such charter to the College of Physicians of London, any fellow, member, or licentiate of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh, or of the Queen’s College of Physicians of Ireland who may be in practice as a physician in any part of England, and who may be desirous of becoming a member of such College of Physicians of England, shall be at liberty to do so, and be entitled to receive the diploma of the said college, and to be admitted to all the rights and privileges thereunto appertaining, on the payment of a registration fee of two pounds to the said college.