Schedule LExecution of Seizure of Books and Papers of Crown Debtor

Upon the ____________ Day of ____________ , at ____________ within the County of ____________, I, J. H., Sheriff Clerk of the said County of ____________, by virtue of a Warrant to that Effect, contained in [specify the Extract in which Warrant contained and its Date], have seized the Books and Papers belonging to A, [name and design him], specified in the following Inventory. [Follows the Inventory.] the same having, on my Requisition to that Effect, been voluntarily handed over to me by the said A. [or by K. [Name and Designation], having the Custody thereof; or as the Case may be.] or,

the same having been found by me in a Safe or Press in the House of the said A, at _______________________, to which I obtained Access by breaking open the Doors of the said House, and a Safe or Press therein, because I could not otherwise obtain Admittance thereto [or as the Case may be]. [ Signature.] _______________________ Sheriff Clerk.