XIIApplication of Purchase Money.

The Receipt of the Commissioners shall be a sufficient Discharge to the Purchaser for the said Purchase Money ; and such Purchase Money shall be applied by the Commissioners in or towards defraying the Costs, Interest, and Expenses for raising which such Sale shall have been made, and the Surplus (if any) shall be paid to or for the Benefit of the Parties whose Allotments, or any Part thereof, shall have been sold; and the Shares of such of them as shall be Tenants in Fee Simple, free from Incumbrances, shall be paid to them respectively, and the Shares of the other Proprietors of such surplus Money shall be applied and disposed of in such and the same Manner as the Surplus of any Monies arising from the Sale of Part of an Allotment for raising Money for Expenses is by the said firstly-recited Act directed to be applied and disposed of.