Judicial Factors Act 1849

XXXVAccountant to be Custodier of Bank Receipts.

And be it enacted, That the Accountant shall be the Custodier of all Bank Deposit Receipts and other Vouchers for Sums of Money already placed or to be hereafter placed in Bank under Authority of the Court, and of all judicial Bonds of Caution and other judicial Bonds granted or to be granted under the Authority of the Court or any of the Judges thereof, or in reference to the Business thereof, and all other Documents of a like Nature, which, according to the present Law or Practice, are entrusted to the keeping of the senior Principal Clerk of Session, who, after the Commencement of this Act, shall cease to discharge his present Duty as Custodier of such Documents, and shall transfer all such Documents as are in his Possession to the Accountant; and thereafter the Clerk in each Process in which Consignation is made shall lodge all such Bank Receipts and Bonds or Vouchers in the Hands of the Accountant, whose Acknowledgment therefor shall be an Acquittance to such Clerk.