Surveyor, before entering upon Office, to make the following Declaration.

VIIIEvery such Surveyor upon his Appointment, and before he enters upon the Duties of his Office, shall make and subscribe before the Chairman of the Commissioners a Declaration to the Effect following; (that is to say,) 'I A.B., the Surveyor of the Town [or District] of (here name the Town or District] under the [here name the special Act], do declare, That I will diligently, faithfully, and impartially perform the ' Duties of my Office, and to the utmost of my Power, Skill, and ' Ability endeavour to cause the several Provisions of the said Act, ' and of the Towns Improvement Clauses Act, 1847, to be strictly ' observed, and that without Favour or Affection, Prejudice or Malice, ' to any Person whomsoever,