Access to special Act

Copies of special Act to be kept by Commissioners at their Office, and deposited with the Clerks of the Peace, &c, and be open to Inspection.

CCXIVThe Commissioners shall at all Times, after the Expiration of Six Months after the passing of the special Act, keep in their principal Office of Business a Copy of the special Act, printed by the Printers to Her Majesty, or some of them, and shall also within the Space of such Six Months deposit in the Office of the Clerk of the Peace of the County in which the Town or District within the Limits of the special Act is situated a Copy of such special Act, so printed as aforesaid; and the said Clerk of the Peace shall receive, and he and the Commissioners respectively shall retain, the said Copies of the special Act, and shall permit all Persons interested to inspect the same, and make Extracts or Copies therefrom, in the like Manner and upon the like Terms, and under the like Penalty for Default, as is provided in the Case of certain Plans and Sections by an Act passed in the First Year of the Reign of Her present Majesty, intituled An Act to compel Clerks of the Peace for Counties and other Persons to take the Custody of such Documents as shall be directed to be deposited with them under the Standing Orders of either House of Parliament.