Debtors (Scotland) Act 1838

XVConcurrence to Warrant of Imprisonment granted in another Sheriff Court.

And be it enacted, That where a Warrant to imprison has been granted by any Sheriff in manner herein-before provided, and where the Debtor or Obligant is within the Territory of another Sheriff, such Warrant may be presented, along with the Extract, Execution of Charge, and Certificate of Registration, either in the Bill Chamber or in such other Sheriff Court, and a Minute in Terms or to the Effect of the said Schedule (Number 10.) praying for the Authority and Concurrence of the Lords of Council and Session or of the said Sheriff Court for executing the said Warrant; and if there be no lawful Cause to the contrary the Clerk in the Bill Chamber or the Sheriff Clerk (as the Case may be) shall grant Authority accordingly by writing this Deliverance, "Fiat ut petitur," and dating and subscribing the same ; and it shall thereupon be lawful to open shut and lockfast Places, search for, take, apprehend, and imprison, in the same Manner as if the said Warrant had been originally granted by the Court of Session or the concurring Sheriff.