Landlord and Tenant (War Damage) (Amendment) Act 1941

12Powers of entry of landlord and tenant of damaged land

(1)Where any building or works on land comprised in a lease is or are unfit by reason of war damage, and urgent repairs to the building or works are necessary to prevent deterioration and are not being executed, any person who has the fee simple in the land or a lease of the land or is a mortgagee of the fee simple or a lease, or any person authorised by any such person as aforesaid may, if he cannot obtain permission to enter upon the building or works from the person having control thereof, or cannot obtain such permission without unreasonable delay, enter upon the building or works for the purpose of executing the necessary repairs, and may use such force as is reasonably necessary for effecting entry.

(2)Any tenant of any land which is unfit by reason of war damage shall be entitled, notwithstanding that he has served a notice of disclaimer, to enter upon the land for the purpose of taking any measures necessary to preserve or remove any furniture or other goods belonging to or used by him.