War Damage to Land (Scotland) Act 1939

3Obligation to notify war damage in certain cases, and c

Where war damage occurs to any land comprised in a disposition, a lease or a heritable security, it shall be the duty of the disponee or the lessee or the debtor in the heritable security—

(a)forthwith on the damage becoming known to him to serve a notice on any party having a right or interest under such disposition, or on the lessor or on the creditor in the heritable security stating that the damage has occurred and the general nature thereof so far as known; and

(b)to permit the person on whom notice shall have been served as aforesaid, or any person authorised by him, at such times as may be reasonable in the circumstances to enter on the land for the purpose of ascertaining the extent of the damage and at his own expense to make good the damage either temporarily or permanently.