9Consequential modifications of Insurance Acts

(1)The Irish Insurance Commissioners, in the carrying out of their powers and duties under the National Insurance (Health) Acts, 1911 to 1918, shall, except in such matters of a judicial character as may be prescribed under those Acts, act under the directions of the Chief Secretary, and further appointments of persons to be Irish Insurance Commissioners shall, subject to the consent of the Treasury as to number, be made by the Chief Secretary ; but, save as aforesaid or as otherwise expressly provided in this Act, nothing in this Act shall affect any of the powers or duties of the Irish Insurance Commissioners.

(2)The National Health Insurance Joint Committee shall consist of the Minister of Health, who shall be chairman, the Secretary for Scotland, and the Chief Secretary for Ireland, together with one other person appointed by the Minister, being a person having special knowledge and experience of national health insurance in Wales ; but, save as aforesaid, nothing in this Act shall affect the constitution of that Committee or the incorporation thereof:

Provided that—

(a)regulations under section eighty-three of the National Insurance Act, 191L, shall be made by the Committee instead of by the Treasury, and subsection (4) of .that section shall apply to regulations made by the Committee in like manner as it applies to regulations made by the Treasury, but nothing in this provision shall affect the validity of a regulation made by the Treasury under that subsection before the commencement of this Act with respect to the powers and procedure of the Committee, and any such regulation shall continue in force until altered or revoked by regulations made by the Committee in pursuance of this provision ; and

(b)regulations made by the Committee under the said section eighty-three as amended by this section shall provide for the appointment of deputies to act for the several members of the Committee at meetings of the Committee at which such members 'are unable to be present.