Welsh Church Act 1914

17 Compensation to lay holders of freehold offices.E+W+S+N.I.

If the Welsh Commissioners find that any person who at the passing of this Act holds any lay office in the church in Wales by freehold tenure or by any tenure which, in the opinion of the Commissioners, is in practice equivalent to freehold tenure, is deprived of any emoluments by the operation of this Act, they may pay to that person out of moneys in their hands in pursuance of this Act, such sum by way of compensation, either by means of a single payment or of the purchase of a life annuity, as they may, with the consent of the Treasury, determine:

Provided that the compensation paid under this section shall be paid out of or charged on the property vested in the Welsh Commissioners under this Act, other than burial grounds and the property to be transferred to the representative body, in such manner that the burden thereof may be distributed amongst the University of Wales and the several county councils in proportion to the value of the property transferred to them respectively.