London Passenger Transport Act 1933

78Continuance of compassionate allowances

Subject to the provisions of this section, where on the appointed day—

(a)a person who was formerly an officer or servant of any local authority or company specified in Part I, Part II or Part III of the Second Schedule to this Act; or

(b)the widow or a dependent of a deceased person who was formerly such an officer or servant as aforesaid,

is in receipt of a pension, or a superannuation or other allowance from that authority or company, granted in pursuance of their customary practice and not as a matter of legal right, then, if that person or that deceased person would on the appointed day, had his employment under that authority or company continued until that date, have been transferred by this Act to and become an officer or servant of the Board, he or, as the case may be, his widow or dependent shall be entitled to receive from the Board the same pension or allowance and on the same conditions as previously obtaining :

Provided that, if the Board are of opinion that any grant or alteration of any such pension or allowance made after the third day of December, nineteen hundred and thirty, was not in accordance with the customary practice of that authority or company, the Board may within six months after the appointed day give notice in writing to that effect to the authority or company concerned; and, if in any case where such a notice has been given any dispute arises, it shall be referred to the standing arbitrator, who shall consider whether or not the grant or alteration was in accordance with the customary practice of that authority or company, and shall determine whether, and to what extent as between the Board and the authority or company, any liability arising in respect thereto is to be transferred to the Board or is to continue as a liability of the authority or company.