Criminal Justice Act 1925

1Probation officers

(1)For the purposes of the principal Act, one or more probation officers shall be appointed for every probation area, and it shall be the duty of probation officers to undertake the supervision of persons in respect of whom supervision is required by a probation order, whether made by a court of summary jurisdiction or by a court of assize or a court of quarter sessions.

(2)The probation committee of a probation area may pay such sums by way of salary or remuneration to the probation officers appointed for the area and to any persons, not being probation officers, named in probation orders made by any court of summary jurisdiction sitting within the area or by any court of assize or quarter sessions in respect of persons who have been committed for trial by examining justices sitting within the area, and such sums on account of expenses incurred by those officers and persons in the performance of their duties, as, subject to the provisions of this Part of this Act with respect to scales of salaries, remuneration and expenses, may be agreed upon between the committee and the local authority liable to make the payment, or, failing agreement, may be determined by the Secretary of State.

(3)The Secretary of State shall have power by scheme to make such arrangements as he thinks fit with a view to the provision of superannuation allowances or gratuities for probation officers or their legal personal representatives:

Provided that the Secretary of State, before making any such scheme, shall cause notice thereof to be given in such manner as he thinks fit to any local authorities who may be affected thereby, and shall take into consideration any representations with respect thereto which may be submitted to him by any such authority.