Eights of Owners of Policies

22Return of policies and premium receipt books after inspection

If at any time a collecting society or industrial assurance company, or any person employed by such a society or company, take possession of a policy or premium receipt book or other document issued in connection with a policy, a receipt shall be given, and the policy book or document shall be returned to the owner of the policy within twenty-one days, unless the policy has been terminated by reason of satisfaction of all claims capable of arising thereunder:

Provided that, where possession is taken of a policy, book or document for the purpose of legal proceedings to be taken by the society or company that issued the policy against a collector, it shall be lawful for the society or company to retain the policy, hook or document so long as may be necessary for the purposes of those proceedings, but in that case if the policy, book or document is retained for more than twenty-one days, the society or company shall supply to the owner of the policy, a copy thereof certified by the society or company to be a true copy.