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Law of Property Act 1922


This is the original version (as it was originally enacted).

  1. Introductory Text

  2. Part I Assimilation and Amendment op the Law op Real and Personal Estate

    1. Legal Estates, Equitable Interests and Powers

      1. 1."Legal estates" and "equitable interests" and repeal of the Statute of Uses

      2. 2.The getting in of bare outstanding legal estates

      3. 3.Purchaser of legal estate not concerned with certain equitable interests or powers; and provisions for the protection thereof

      4. 4.Enforcement of equitable interests and powers

      5. 5.Title to be shown to legal estates

      6. 6.Registration in Middlesex and Yorkshire

      7. 7.Provisions as to contracts

      8. 8.Rights protected by registration

    2. Mortgages

      1. 9.Effect, creation, and realisation of mortgages of freeholds and leaseholds

    3. Undivided Shares

      1. 10.The entirety of land held in undivided shares to vest in trustees for sale, with power to postpone the sale

    4. Dispositions on Trust for Sale

      1. 11.Provisions for regulating and facilitating dealings with land held on trust for sale

    5. Settlements

      1. 12.Regulations respecting settlements of land

    6. Infants and Lunatics

      1. 13.Infants not to take legal estates; conveyances on behalf of lunatics

    7. Land Charges

      1. 14.Amendment of the Land Charges Registration and Searches Act, 1888, in respect of death duties and other matters

    8. Death Duties and Bankruptcies

      1. 15.Provisions for payment of death duties and protection of purchasers therefrom

      2. 16.As to bankruptcies of estate owners

    9. Amendments of the General Law

      1. 17.Abolition of technicalities respecting the creation of entailed interests and of the rule in Shelley's case

      2. 18.Abolition of the double possibility rule

      3. 19.As to heirs taking by purchase

    10. Miscellaneous Provisions

      1. 20.Rights of pre-emption and entry, and extension of the Satisfied Terms Act

      2. 21.Vesting orders and dispositions of legal estates operating as conveyances by an estate owner

      3. 22.Provisions of Act to apply to incorporeal hereditaments

      4. 23.Easements

      5. 24.Reservations

      6. 25.Confirmation of past transactions

      7. 26.Charitable and public trusts

      8. 27.Examples of abstracts of title and instruments

    11. Savings and Reservations

      1. 28.Legal interests converted into equitable interests not to fail

      2. 29.Special statutory modes for conveying or acquiring land

      3. 30.Leasing powers

      4. 31.Limitation and Prescription Acts

      5. 32.Effect of possession of documents

      6. 33.Interests of persons in possession

    12. Construction

      1. 34.Construction

  3. Part II

    1. Amendments of the Settled Land Acts

      1. 35.Amendments consequential on other Parts of this Act

      2. 36.Power on dispositions to impose restrictions and reserve easements, and as to valuation of timber on sale

      3. 37.As to sale of mansion

      4. 38.Power to acquire land subject to certain incumbrances, and power for a tenant for life to accept leases

      5. 39.Extension of section 10 of the Lands Clauses Consolidation Act, 1845

      6. 40.Consideration on sale to company incorporated by special Act or provisional order

      7. 41.Power to grant water rights to statutory bodies for nominal consideration, and to make grants or leases for public purposes for a nominal consideration or gratuitously

      8. 42.Extension of sections 6 and 7 of the Act of 1882

      9. 43.Power to sell in consideration of a rentcharge, and extension of section 13 of the Act of 1882

      10. 44.Power to grant options

      11. 45.Power to compromise claims and release restrictions, &c, and to vary leases and grants, and apportion rents

      12. 46.General power for the tenant for life to effect any transaction under an order of the Court

      13. 47.Extension of section 20 of the Act of 1882

      14. 48.As to duration of settlements

      15. 49.As to trustees of settlements created by more than one instrument

      16. 50.As to trustees of referential settlements

      17. 51.As to who are trustees for the purposes of the Acts, and as to additional powers to appoint trustees

      18. 52.As to base fees

      19. 53.Absolute owners, subject to certain interests, to have the powers of a tenant for life, and as to infants

      20. 54.Exercise of powers of tenant for life by married woman restrained from anticipation

      21. 55.Amendment of section 58 of the Act of 1882

      22. 56.Powers of trustees when there is no tenant for life

      23. 57.Provisions as to different estates settled upon the same limitations

      24. 58.Provision enabling dealings with tenant for life

      25. 59.Power to charge by way of additional or substituted security

      26. 60.Dedication for streets, open spaces, &c

      27. 61.Trustees for management of settled land during minority

      28. 62.Extension of section 42 of the Act of 1882

      29. 63.As to personal estate settled by reference to capital money, or on trusts corresponding with the limitations of land

      30. 64.Application of capital money

      31. 65.Amendment of section 25 and repeal of section 26 of the Act of 1882; and power to raise' money for improvements, and for the court or the trustees to impose conditions for repayment of money applied for improvements

      32. 66.As to money received by way of damages for breach of covenant

      33. 67.As to capital arising otherwise than under the Acts

      34. 68.Effect of surrender of life estate to the next remainderman

      35. 69.Amendment of section 50 of the Act of 1882

      36. 70.As to a tenant for life who has parted with his interest

      37. 71.Construction

  4. Part III Amendments of the Conveyancing Acts

    1. 72.Abolition of technicalities in regard to conveyances and deeds

    2. 73.Execution of instruments by or on behalf of corporations and provisions as to corporations sole

    3. 74.Abolition of acknowledgments by married women

    4. 75.Acquisitions and dispositions of trust estates by married women

    5. 76.Abolition of enrolment of disentailing assurance, &c

    6. 77.Power for tenant in tail in possession to dispose of property by specific devise or bequest

    7. 78.Relief against forfeiture of leases on assignment, &c, and as to powers to distrain

    8. 79.Powers of attorney relating to land to be filed

    9. 80.Powers of attorney for value and amendment of section 47 of the Act of 1881

    10. 81.Effect of bankruptcy of the mortgagor as respects the power for the mortgagee to sell or appoint a receiver

    11. 82.Transfers of mortgages

    12. 83.Amendments of sections 5, 19, 23 and 24 of the Act of 1881, and of the Act of 1882, and of section 8 of the Act of 1911

    13. 84.Reconveyances of mortgages by endorsed receipts

    14. 85.Notice of trusts affecting mortgage debts

    15. 86.Management of land of infants or persons entitled contingently

    16. 87.Contingent and future testamentary gifts to carry the intermediate income

    17. 88.Power to apply income for maintenance and to accumulate surplus income during a minority

    18. 89.Accumulations of surplus income

    19. 90.Power to discharge or modify restrictive covenants affecting land

    20. 91.Creation of rentcharges

    21. 92.Amendment of section 45 of the Conveyancing Act, 1881

    22. 93.Apportionment of charges payable for redemption of tithe rent charge

    23. 94.Thirty years substituted for forty years as the root of title

    24. 95.Provisions as to constructive notice

    25. 96.Covenants binding land

    26. 97.Contracts entered into by a person with himself and another or others

    27. 98.As to the rule as to perpetuities

    28. 99.Validation of certain gifts void for remoteness

    29. 100.Protection of purchasers claiming under certain void appointments

    30. 101.Amendment of section 65 of the Conveyancing Act, 1881

    31. 102.Rights of the public over "waste land and commons

    32. 103.Restriction of inclosure of commons

    33. 104.Stipulations preventing a purchaser, lessee or underlessee from employing his own solicitor to be void

    34. 105.Application of insurance money on completion of a sale

    35. 106.Amendment of 34 & 35 Vict. c.31, s.7

    36. 107.Construction of deeds and other instruments and presumption of survivorship

    37. 108.Construction

  5. Part IV Amendments op the Trustee Acts

    1. 109.As to the number of trustees of a settlement or holding land on trust for sale, and notice of their appointment

    2. 110.Provisions relating to appointments of new trustees

    3. 111.Evidence as to a vacancy in a trust

    4. 112.Vesting declarations

    5. 113.Vesting orders

    6. 114.Vesting orders in relation to infant's beneficial interests

    7. 115.Alimentary trusts

    8. 116.Amendment of section 47 of the Trustee Act, 1893

    9. 117.Protection to personal representatives and trustees in respect of rents, covenants, &c, after conveyance

    10. 118.Protection to trustees by means of advertisements

    11. 119.Powers of trustees supplementary to powers of investment

    12. 120.Various powers of trustees

    13. 121.Power of advancement

    14. 122.Power to raise money by sale, mortgage, &c

    15. 123.Power for the High Court to authorise dealings with trust property

    16. 124.Provision for protection of purchasers and mortgagees

    17. 125.Power to employ agents, and to concur with others

    18. 126.Application of insurance money where policy kept up under any trust, power, or obligation

    19. 127.Construction

  6. Part V Abolition of Copyhold and Customary Tenure

    1. Abolition of Copt/holds

      1. 128.Enfranchisement of copyholds

      2. 129.Endorsement of assurances of enfranchised land by stewards

      3. 130.Provisions as to fines and heriots

      4. 131.Provisions as to fees

      5. 132.Provisions as to forfeitures

      6. 133.Application to copyholds for life or years without right of perpetual renewal

      7. 134.Application to Crown and Duchy lands

      8. 135.Application to perpetually renewable copyholds

      9. 136.Saving of Grand and Petty Sergeanty services

      10. 137.Provisions for the protection of Royal Parks and Gardens

  7. Part VI Extinguishment of Manorial Incidents

    1. 138.Extinguishment of manorial incidents

    2. 139.Facilities for extinguishing manorial incidents and compensation rentcharges

    3. 140.Provisions where manorial incidents are extinguished on expiration of ten years after the commencement of Act

    4. 141.Application to Crown and Duchy lands

    5. 142.Application to manors where derivative interests are entered on rolls or take effect at law

    6. 143.Construction of Part VI

    7. General Provisions

      1. 144.Power to inspect Court Rolls

  8. Part VII Provisions respecting Leaseholds

    1. Conversion of Perpetually Renewable Leaseholds into Long Terms

      1. 145.Conversion of perpetually renewable leaseholds

    2. General Provisions

      1. 146.Abolition of interesse termini and as to reversionary leases

  9. Part VIII Amendment op the Law op Intestacy

    1. As to Real and Personal Estate

      1. 147.Trust for sale and provisions as to administration

      2. 148.Abolition of descent to heir, curtesy dower, and escheat

      3. 149.Statutory trusts in favour of issue of the intestate or a class of persons

      4. 150.Succession to real and personal estate on intestacy

      5. 151.Heirs taking by purchase

      6. 152.Wills in contemplation of marriage

    2. Miscellaneous Provisions

      1. 153.Death duties not affected

      2. 154.Construction and as to a lunatic's and an infant's real estate

  10. Part IX Repeal and Re-enactment, with Amendments, of Part I. of the Land Transfer Act, 1897, relating to Personal Representatives

    1. 155.Meaning of "real estate" and constitution of representative in regard to interests therein not ceasing on the death

    2. 156.Devolution of real estate to personal representative

    3. 157.Abolition of syndics in the case of trust corporations

    4. 158.Effect of assent or conveyance by personal representative

    5. 159.As to giving possession and enforcing rights against personal representative

    6. 160.Appropriation of property by personal representative in satisfaction of legacy or share

    7. 161.Appointment of special or additional personal representatives in the case of settled land

    8. 162.Powers of personal representatives in regard to administration

    9. 163.Powers of management

  11. Part X Amendments of the Land Transfer Acts, 1875 and 1897

    1. Interests in Land capable of Registration

      1. 164.As to undivided shares

      2. 165.Registration of legal estates

    2. Amendments and Powers

      1. 166.Amendments and powers

    3. Charges and Mortgages of Registered Land

      1. 167.Provisions as to registered charges

      2. 168.Mortgages protected on the register

      3. 169.As to securing further advances

    4. Registered Estates and Subsidiary Deeds

      1. 170.Registered estates in registered land

      2. 171.As to subsidiary deeds off the register

    5. Conversion into Absolute or Good Leasehold Title

      1. 172.Conversion into absolute or good leasehold title

    6. Effect of the Limitation Acts in respect of Registered Land

      1. 173.Acquisition of title by possession

    7. Rectification and Indemnity

      1. 174.Rectification of the register

      2. 175.Right to indemnity in certain cases

    8. Contracts, Acquisition of Easements, and Evidence

      1. 176.As to contracts and the acquisition of easements or other benefits

      2. 177.Provisions as to vendor and purchaser, and effect of covenants for title

      3. 178.Office copies, &c. to he evidence, and as to right of production

    9. Provisions as to Bankruptcy

      1. 179.Provisions as to bankruptcy of registered proprietor

      2. 180.Disclaimer of a lease by a trustee in bankruptcy

    10. As to Death Duties

      1. 181.Protection of purchasers from claims for death duties

    11. Personal Representative

      1. 182.Special or additional personal representatives

    12. Compulsory Registration on Sale

      1. 183.Power to require registration of title on sale

    13. Miscellaneous Provisions

      1. 184.Pee, orders and accounts

      2. 185.Land Registry Public Departments and meaning of "Chief Land Registrar"

      3. 186.Remuneration of solicitors

      4. 187.Short titles; extent

  12. Part XI General Provisions

    1. 188.General definitions and jurisdiction of the court

    2. 189.Special definitions applicable to Part V

    3. 190.Special definitions applicable to Part VII

    4. 191.Short title; commencement; extent


      1. Part I Outstanding Legal Estates

        1. 1.If any legal term of years absolute, subsisting at the...

        2. 2.Where at or immediately after the commencement of this Act...

        3. 3.Where at or immediately after the commencement of this Act...

        4. 4.Any person (not otherwise entitled under the foregoing provisions to...

        5. 5.Any legal estate acquired by virtue of this enactment shall...

        6. 6.Under the provisions of this enactment the legal estate affected...

        7. 7.If and when any person is registered as proprietor of...

        8. 8.Nothing in this Part of this schedule shall operate—

        9. 9.No stamp duty shall become payable by reason only of...

      2. Part II Enforcement of Equitable Interests and Powers

        1. 1.All equitable interests and powers in or over land (whether...

        2. 2.If the legal estate is not vested in personal representatives...

        3. 3.Legal effect may be given, by means of a mortgage...

        4. 4.Where, by reason of a right of reverter, statutory or...

        5. 5.If any question arises whether any and what legal estate...

        6. 6.If the trustees for sale, tenant for life of full...


      Provisions as to Mortgages

      1. 1.(1) All land vested in a first or only mortgagee...

      2. 2.(1) All leasehold land vested in a first or only...

      3. 3.(1) After the commencement of this Act, a legal mortgage...

      4. 4.(1) After the commencement of this Act, a legal mortgage...

      5. 5.(1) Where a mortgagee of a term of years absolute,...

      6. 6.(1) Where a mortgagee of a term of years absolute...

      7. 7.(1) Where an order for sale is made by the...

      8. 8.(1) Nothing in Part I of this Act shall, in...

      9. 9.(1) Nothing in Part I. of this Act shall affect...


      Provisions as to Undivided Shares

      1. 1.Where, at the commencement of this Act, land is held...

      2. 2.(1) If and when, after the commencement of this Act,...

      3. 3.(1) Where a legal estate (not being settled land) is...

      4. 4.Rules of court may be made for the purpose of...


      Dispositions on Trust for Sale

      1. 1.(1) The persons having power to appoint new trustees of...

      2. 2.(1) If the consent of more than two persons is...

      3. 3.(1) A purchaser of a legal estate from trustees for...

      4. 4.(1) Trustees for sale (with or without a power to...

      5. 5.(1) The powers of and incidental to leasing, accepting surrenders...


      Provisions Relating to Settlements

      1. 1.(1) After the commencement of this Act every settlement of...

      2. 2.(1) Every vesting instrument for giving effect to a settlement...

      3. 3.(1) If by reason of an infant attaining full age...

      4. 4.(1) Where a settlement is created by the will of...

      5. 5.(1) Any vesting effected under the powers conferred by this...

      6. 6.(1) On the death, after the commencement of this Act,...

      7. 7.(1) If any question arises as to the person in...

      8. 8.(1) Every settlement of land subsisting at the commencement or...

      9. 9.(1) In the case of every settlement of land subsisting...

      10. 10.(1) Where the last or only principal vesting instrument appoints...

      11. 11.Nothing in Part I. of this Act shall discharge a...

      12. 12.A personal representative, trustee, or other person who has in...

      13. 13.(1) A purchaser of a legal estate in settled land...


      Provisions relating to Infants and Lunatics

      1. 1.(1) Where, at the commencement of this Act, a legal...

      2. 2.(1) Where, at the commencement of this Act, a legal...

      3. 3.(1) The provisions of this section shall have effect where...

      4. 4.(1) After the commencement of this Act, a conveyance of...

      5. 5.(1) After the commencement of this Act, the appointment of...

      6. 6.A married infant shall have power to give valid receipts...

      7. 7.(1) Where a legal estate in land (whether settled or...

      8. 8.(1) From and after the commencement of this Act, the...


      As to Land Charges and Local Land Charges

      1. 1.(1) The expression "land charge" in section four of the...

      2. 2.(1) Any charge (hereinafter called " a local land charge")...

      3. 3.The registration of a deed of arrangement affecting land, pursuant...

      4. 4.(1) The foregoing provisions in this schedule shall bind the...



      1. Devises, Blackacre

      2. Conveyance by the executors to the uses of the Will

      3. Assent by B. and S., as personal representatives to Frederick Jones in fee, without appointing Settled Land Act trustees

      4. Mortgage either by charge by way of legal mortgage or for a term of one thousand years, by Frederick Jones to the Estate Trustees of the C. Assurance Society to secure five thousand pounds and interest

      5. Conveyance by the then Estate Trustees of the C. Assurance Society, under their power of sale as first mortgagees, to John Williams in fee




      Consequential Amendments op the Settled Land Acts, 1882 to 1890

      1. 1.The following provisions shall take effect as respects the Settled...

      2. 2.The following provisions shall, for the purposes of Parts V....

      3. 3.The following provisions shall, for the purposes of Part VII....


      Forms of Transfer and Discharge of Mortgages

      1. Part I Form of Transfer of Mortgage

      2. Part II Form of Receipt on Discharge of a Mortgage


      Effect of Enfranchisement

      1. 1.The following provisions shall, from and after the commencement of...

      2. 2.The enfranchisement shall not, except as in this Act mentioned,...

      3. 3.Where the land is, at the commencement or by virtue...

      4. 4.An enfranchisement by virtue of this Act shall not deprive...

      5. 5.An enfranchisement by virtue of this Act of any land...

      6. 6.An enfranchisement by virtue of this Act shall not affect...

      7. 7.A right preserved to the lord by virtue of this...

      8. 8.On the enfranchisement of any land by virtue of ibis...


      Compensation for Extinguishment op Manorial Incidents

      1. Part I Form No. 1

      2. Part II Scale of Compensation for extinguishment of Manorial Incidents

        1. Fines Arbitrary

          1. 1.In fine arbitrary cases where a fine is payable on...

          2. 2.The table is calculated on the principle that a fine...

          3. 3.In estimating the annual value of the land, no deduction...

          4. 4.Where there are facilities for improvement or the land has...

        2. Fines Certain

          1. 5.In fine certain cases where a fine is payable on...

        3. Reliefs

          1. 6.The amount of compensation for a relief shall be calculated...

        4. Heriots

          1. 7.The compensation for a heriot payable on alienation by, as...

          2. 8.The value of a heriot shall be ascertained from the...

        5. When Fine or Heriot payable only on one of the Events of Alienation or Death

          1. 9.The table being calculated on the assumption that fines and...

        6. When Fine or Heriot payable on Death of Lord

          1. 10.In manors in which fines or heriots are payable on...

        7. Quit Rents and other Annual Payments

          1. 11.The compensation for quit rents, free rents, and other annual...

        8. Timber

          1. 12.Compensation for timber shall be ascertained as follows :—Where by...

        9. Other Incidents

          1. 13.The compensation for all incidents of copyhold tenure extinguished or...

        10. Perpetually Renewable Copyholds

          1. 14.In the case of perpetually renewable copyhold land the compensation...

        11. Escheat and other Rights reserved

          1. 15.The right of escheat being abolished for the benefit of...

        12. When Land held by joint Tenants or on behalf of Tenants in common

          1. 16.In the case of an extinguishment of manorial incidents by...

        13. Interest

          1. 17.Interest shall be payable half-yearly on the amount of the...

        14. Date of Computation

          1. 18.The value of any matter to be taken into account...


      Scale op Steward's Compensation for Loss of Office

      1. 1.A steward appointed after the passing of this Act shall...

      2. 2.Where the compensation agreement, or notice to ascertain the compensation,...

      3. 3.The remuneration of solicitors in connexion with the extinguishment of...

      4. 4.Where the lord is a solicitor, he shall, if he...


      Provisions Relating to Perpetually Renewable Leases and Underleases

      1. 1.(1) Land comprised in a perpetually renewable lease which was...

      2. 2.(1) Land comprised in any underlease, which at the commencement...

      3. 3.(1) Every term or subterm created by this Part of...

      4. 4.(1) This Part of this Act shall not operate to...

      5. 5.A grant, after the commencement of this Act, of a...

      6. 6.(1) Any obligation in force at the commencement of this...

      7. 7.(1) Any contract entered into after the commencement of this...

      8. 8.(1) Every power conferred by custom or contained in a...

      9. 9.Nothing in this Act shall prejudicially affect any right of...

      10. 10.(1) Every lease or underlease which, by virtue of this...

      11. 11.(1) In the case of every term or subterm created...

      12. 12.(1) Where, under the lease, underlease, or otherwise, any fine...

      13. 13.(1) Where, under the lease or underlease, any unpaid fine...

      14. 14.(1) The lessor and lessee or underlessee may agree—

      15. 15.Any claims for compensation by any officer, solicitor, or other...

      16. 16.(1) If the lessor and lessee or underlessee or the...

      17. 17.(1) A power authorising a tenant for life of full...

      18. 18.The provisions of section sixty-seven of the Conveyancing Act, 1881,...

      19. 19.Where any lease or underlease to which this Part of...

      20. 20.(1) The original or counterpart of any lease or underlease...


      Amendments of the Land Transfer Acts

      1. Part I Amendments and Repeals or the Act of 1875 as varied by the Act of 1897

        1. 1.References to sections in this Part of this Schedule shall...

        2. 2.(1) Section two is hereby repealed. (2) In the Acts,...

        3. 3.(1) Notwithstanding anything contained in sections five, eleven and sixty-eight,...

        4. 4.(1) In section eleven, subsection (1), the words " for...

        5. 5.(1) The words " succession duty " in subsection (2)...

        6. 6.(1) The provisions of section twenty shall apply to the...

        7. 7.(1) Section twenty-nine (relating to transfers by the registered proprietor...

        8. 8.(1) In section thirty (relating to transfers, for value) the...

        9. 9.(1) Section thirty-four (relating to transfers by the registered proprietor...

        10. 10.(1) In section thirty-five (relating to transfers for value of...

        11. 11.(1) Section forty-one (relating to transmission on death) is hereby...

        12. 12.Section forty-nine (relating to dispositions off the register), with the...

        13. 13.(1) The last paragraph of section fifty (relating to notices...

        14. 14.(1) The following provision shall be substituted for the provision...

        15. 15.(1) Restrictions on disposing of or dealing with the registered...

        16. 16.Where a caution is lodged under section sixty the personal...

        17. 17.Where land is affected by manorial incidents, the registrar may...

        18. 18.(1) Where the land is settled and, but for the...

        19. 19.The words " the vendor and his solicitor in cases...

        20. 20.(1) At the end of subsection (1) of section eighty-three...

        21. 21.Section eighty-four as amended by the Act of 1897 is...

        22. 22.(1) In section eighty-two the expression " incorporeal hereditament "...

        23. 23.(1) Section eighty-seven (relating to married women) and section eighty-eight...

        24. 24.For the words " subject to any estates or rights...

        25. 25.Provision may be made by general rules under section one...

      2. Part II Amendments and Repeals of the Act of 1897

        1. 1.References to sections in this Part of this Schedule shall...

        2. 2.(1) The following provisions shall be substituted for subsection (1)...

        3. 8.(1) In subsection (1) of section nine after the words...

        4. 9.The words " or makes any application or lodges any...

        5. 10.(1) The provisions of the Law of Property Act, 1922,...

        6. 11.(1) In subsection (1) of section twenty-four the words "...

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